You’ve Gotta Watch This BBC Presenter Get Lost In His Own Studio During A Live Broadcast

It's so painful.

Getting lost in your own workplace is an extraordinary feat. Getting lost in your own workplace when it’s a single room adds a whole new level of difficulty and intrigue. And when that room is being broadcast live to the world?

The only possible result is extremely good video content.

Today we have BBC World News presenter Tom Donkin to thank for the week’s most incredible blooper. Donkin was preparing to present a segment on Hurricane Irma when, seconds before his cue, he realised he wasn’t standing in front of the right camera.

What ensued, live on air, was the most incredible distillation of work-related anxiety to grace broadcast media since Natasha Exelby was caught daydreaming on air in April. Viewers are treated to a glorious 20 seconds of Donkin trying to low-key walk-run from camera to camera in an attempt to find the one he’s supposed to be speaking to.

When he eventually does settle on a camera, it’s not even the right one. We get to see this slowly dawn on him in real time as he pivots, cringes, and then recovers remarkably with a solemn, “Hello, and welcome”.

To his credit, Donkin handled the whole thing pretty well on Twitter. He thanked people for tuning in and apologised for the “wayward cameras”.

He also noted that on live TV anything can happen. And thanks to the power of internet video, anyone can watch it.