Everyone’s Crying Over Adam’s Poem From Season 3 Of ‘Sex Education’

Adam and his poem are the true main characters of 'Sex Education'.

Sex Education Adam's Poem Season 3 Adam Groff

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If Season 3 of Sex Education made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that no one has had more character growth than sweet ole Adam Groff.

Starting the series off as Moordale Secondary’s school bully and the show’s villain, Adam quickly became a fan favourite over the duration of the latest season of Sex Education. 

— Spoilers for Season 3 of Sex Education ahead —

After bullying Eric for years, Adam came to the realisation that he was actually bisexual when a fight with Eric turned into a kiss in Season 2.

Going back and forth on his emotions, the season ended with Adam publicly declaring his love for Eric once he came to terms with his identity as a bisexual man. This public gesture ultimately led to Eric choosing Adam over his French love interest, Rahim, at the end of Season 2. So, in Season 3, Sex Education obviously focused on Adam and Eric’s unbelievably adorable blossoming romance.

With Eric’s support, Adam came out of his shell. He dabbled in makeup, the couple went on public dates together, he was welcomed into Eric’s family with open arms, the pair eventually had sex after figuring out the whole top-bottom situation, and Adam and Eric both professed their mutual love for each other.

But Adam’s journey of self-acceptance and self-discovery was not without hiccups. The reformed bully had to use Otis’ unwelcomed advice to learn how to communicate his wants and needs better, and Eric and Ola had to teach Adam that violence and aggression aren’t the way to solve problems or deal with people judging his sexuality.

Sadly, despite all his growth, Adam was left heartbroken at the end of Season 3 when Eric called it quits after feeling like he was being held back in the relationship. Ouch.

Adam, And His Poem, Deserved Better

It’s safe to say, the third season of Sex Education well and truly ended in heartbreak. For Otis, it was finally getting with Maeve and then watching her leave for America. For Jean, it was discovering that Jakob was probably not the father of her baby. And for Adam, it was being cheated on, then dumped, by his first love.

Adam’s heartbreak is especially sad considering how much he changed for Eric. He pushed the boundaries of what he was comfortable with to please Eric and even changed his interests to keep his partner happy.

Most notably, Adam even befriended Rahim to learn more about what his boyfriend liked and discovered Eric was fond of poetry. And despite thinking poetry was stupid at first, Adam decided to dabble in writing to cater to Eric’s interests. The result? Absolutely tear-jerking stuff.

After Adam claimed responsibility for Rahim’s embarrassing moment of, erm, flinging a sock of literal shit out of a bus in France, Rahim and Adam surprisingly ended up becoming friends of sorts.

As friends, Rahim agreed to give Adam feedback on the poem he tried to write for Eric. And while Adam’s poems started out shit, he eventually took Rahim’s advice of writing from the heart on board to produce one of the most heart-wrenching moments in Sex Education: the poem.


A boy I don’t like told me to write from the heart

I didn’t know what that meant because I never knew I had one

I never knew I had a heart

‘Til you said you kissed a boy I haven’t met


Then I knew I had a heart

Because I thought it might stop

And when I thought my heart might stop beating

I realised it had always been there


But it didn’t know how to feel

Until I thought about losing you

I knew we wouldn’t last forever

I was waiting for this day


But I hope we can fix things

And if we can’t

I will always thank you

For showing me I have a heart


While breaking up was probably the right thing for the couple, Adam’s poem revealed that he was left heartbroken by the revelation that Eric cheated. Yet, even though he was pained by the betrayal, he still thanked Eric for helping him discover things about himself that he never knew.

In a surprise to no one, Adam’s poem has left Sex Education fans absolutely beside themselves. And after seeing Adam Groff’s growth from closeted bully to proud bisexual man with a love for dog training and a natural skill for poetry, it’s clear Adam is the true main character of the show.

Thankfully, despite closing out the season on a truly depressing note with Adam’s poem, the final scenes of Sex Education did at least hint at a brighter future for Adam with him finding genuine joy with his newfound interest in dog shows and a potential budding romance with Rahim.

In conclusion, Adam Groff deserves nothing but the world.

You can stream all three season of Sex Education on Netflix now.