This Channel 9 Reporter Fell Off Her Chair On Live TV, Handled It Like A Champ

Hell of a recovery.

Erin Molan blooper

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Channel Nine reporter Erin Molan kept her cool on Saturday evening, despite falling off her chair in the middle of a live broadcast.

Molan was presenting the nightly sports bulletin when the unfortunate blooper occurred. Luckily she wasn’t on camera at the time, although viewers did hear her mutter “shit” followed by several seconds of silence. She then announced “I’ve just fallen off my chair, no, I’m all good,” before launching into a segment on the Tour de France.

When the camera cut back to her Nolan had spilled water on her top. “I did just fall off my chair but I’m OK I promise,” she said.

She later apologised for “anything that came out of my mouth”.

Nolan also posted an apology on Instagram. “Sorry if any beautiful children heard my terrified reaction,” she wrote.

Social media users were quick to give Molan props on the way she recovered.

As were a number of her fellow news anchors.

Of course the fact that we didn’t actually see Molan stack it means this isn’t quite in the same league as the infamous Natasha Exelby incident, which…y’know what, why don’t we watch it again?

Never gets old.

Feature image via Erin Molan/Instagram