That Absent-Minded Anchor Has Been Dumped By ABC News, And People Are Absolutely Outraged

There's already a petition calling on the ABC to put Natasha Exelby back on the air.

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This time yesterday, we brought you the delightful footage of ABC anchor Natasha Exelby, whose momentary lapse in concentration over the weekend led to one of the greatest live news bloopers of all time.

Caught on camera daydreaming at the end of a prerecorded segment, Exelby’s shocked reaction as she realised she was back on the air immediately went viral, and has been praised as a funny, relatable moment by internet users far and wide.

Unfortunately for Exelby, it appears as though execs at the ABC failed to see the funny side, with The Daily Telegraph reporting that she will not be allowed in front of the camera again in the wake of her very public stuff-up.

As you can imagine, social media users were less than impressed.

A number of journalists have come to Exelby’s defence, using the hashtag #putyourbloopersout to reveal their own worst on-air gaffes.

Even Bill Shorten is weighing in.

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, meanwhile, has threatened to raise the issue in Senate Estimates hearings, telling the Sydney Morning Herald that “the idea that someone would be punished for what is a very innocent mishap is extraordinary.”

An ABC spokesperson would not confirm whether or not Exelby has been reprimanded for her error, instead telling the paper that “Natasha Exelby is a casual contributor, not a staff member. She has been booked for occasional on-air shifts when needed, and also does other occasional shifts for the ABC News channel.”

For what it’s worth though, an online petition calling for Exelby to be reinstated has already attracted more than 1,750 signatures.