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We won’t be jumping on bandwagons; we won’t be publishing link-bait; we won’t be adding to the noise or bitching on others for the sake of it. Junkee has a small team of extremely talented Australian writers and industry insiders, including authors, poets, artists, comedians, editors of magazines, websites and literary journals, festival directors, Twitter celebrities, and film and TV actors. Click on the name of a writer you like to learn a bit more about where they came from.

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We are always looking for ideas from new writers who have something to say.

We cover film, TV, writing, politics, society, and online culture. More than anything, we love originality in our news and in our commentary — stories that start a conversation, add something new to a well-worn one, or encourage people to look at an old topic with fresh eyes.

Having an idea for a story is a good start. Making sure it hasn’t already been written is better. And being certain you’re the right person to write it is best.

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