Watch Vetta Borne Decimate ‘Cool’ By Gwen Stefani For Like A Version

Gwen Stefani goes old school.

Vetta Borne on Like A Version

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Vetta Borne is a popstar like few others in Australia right now.

You might not know her new moniker immediately — she’s only been recording under that name for a little over two years — but you’re sure to know her last musical persona, Maribelle. Taking the smooth compositions of The Internet and combining them with a sound that seems transported from an older, kinder world, Borne makes music that you can sink into, letting choruses drift around you like seaweed.

Need proof of her talents? Then look no further than this morning’s Like A Version, in which the chanteuse restructures ‘Cool’ by Gwen Stefani into something new and strange.

In that way, it’s a perfect cover, not afraid to mess around with the formula of the original while still remaining true to its platinum-coated spine. It’s recognisably Stefani without being slavishly so, a work of homage-paying that crawls out of the past, twisting and twirling as it goes.

The cover is just the latest in a string of Like A Version triumphs; the segment has been on something of a roll recently. After all, who could forget the power of Triple One’s take on Cyndi Lauper, or the magic of Didirri’s heartbreaking version of ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ by Green Day?

Watch the clip of Vetta Borne weaving her spell in full here: