Watch In Awe As Triple One Transform ‘Time After Time’ By Cyndi Lauper For Like A Version

As good as DMA's cover of 'Believe'?

triple one like a version photo

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If there’s one thing that triple j’s Like A Version excels at, it’s combining textures and tones that shouldn’t work in theory, but totally do in practice.

Who would have guessed, for instance, that The Wiggles and Tame Impala would have made such wonderful bedfellows, or that Alice Ivy could have done such extraordinary things with viral meme hit ‘How Bizarre’? The entire joy of the segment comes from mashing up disparate sounds like a demented mad professor, and seeing what comes out at the other side.

So on that front, this week’s Like A Version, which sees Triple One take on Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’, is the platonic ideal of the segment. Well-known musical act ready to show their chops? Check. Wild song choice that literally nobody could have predicted? Check. Ensuing cover that somehow stays true to the original while also becoming its own wonderful, strange object? Absolutely check.

Basically, the thing is a work of lopsided genius. Watch it in full below: