Please Enjoy This Video Of Pauline Hanson Getting Absolutely Wrecked By A Teenager

Two words was all it took to utterly devastate Pauline Hanson's entire deal.

Pauline Hanson -- Uluru

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Pauline Hanson has been having a rocky few weeks.

First, her attempt to expose “anti-white racism” via the Twitter hashtag #WakeUpToRacism resulted in users of the site rising up as one and dunking on her for a few solid hours. Then, a few days later, her “plan” to combat climate change protestors with cattle prods — a violent and thoroughly disturbing idea that we should absolutely be ashamed has been raised by an actual sitting senator — got her booted from the social media site together.

Add to that her doomed attempt to climb Uluru, an enterprise which got her stuck halfway up the sacred rock, and it’s safe to say that things haven’t quite gone Pauline’s way as of late.

Well, looks like you might as well add ‘getting wrecked by a teenager’ to that pile of indignities, because it really does look like Hanson can’t go five minutes without embarassing herself.

Yep, as part of Hanson’s highly-publicised trip to Uluru, the One Nation leader conducted a series of vox pops with a bunch of local teenagers. Clearly expecting to have the upper hand over a scattered group of adolescents, Hanson incredulously asked one, “Where’s my land, if it’s not Australia?”

The girl’s response? Well, it’s probably just best to soak up every delicious bit of it yourself.

The teenager in question has been widely praised for her excellent comic timing — who knew that two words could be deployed quite so effectively? — and for being utterly unfussed by the gaggle of cameras around her.

Not to mention being unfussed by Hanson herself, who swaggered up to the conversation clearly imagining that she’d be able to talk circles around a group of teenagers, not realising that it’d take one of them precisely half a second to wreck her deeply narrow-minded exercise entirely.

Wonderful stuff.