Pauline Hanson Has Been Suspended From Twitter


pauline hanson

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Pauline Hanson is not very good at a lot of things. She’s not good at keeping a party together. She’s not good at treating people with courtesy and respect. She’s not good at generating news headlines without resorting to the kind of pranks you’d expect to see on an episode of Jackass co-written by Jordan Peterson. But she’s particularly not good at using Twitter.

The One Nation senator has spent a few years on the platform now; defending gamers, desperately pleading for the public’s attention, and launching a disastrous attempt to expose ‘anti-white’ racism.

That last snafu went down only a week ago. As a response to alleged attempts to “deplatform” Hanson, she encouraged her Caucasian followers to share stories of discrimination they had faced using the hashtag #WakeUpToRacism. Only they didn’t. Instead, hundreds of users dreamt up their own comical stories of prejudice — ranging from “mocked by a flight attendant for crying during airplane viewing of Hunt For Red October” to lost my job at “Full-Time Mummy due to discrimination.”

Now Hanson’s chronic inability to use Twitter without catastrophically embarrassing herself has reached its next logical step: she’s run afoul of the community guidelines, getting her account temporarily restricted in the process.

The restriction came in response to Hanson’s “plan” to “deal with” climate change activists, many of whom have made the news recently for staging protests that have stopped traffic and ever-so-slightly disrupted commutes — a relatively minor price to play given that the Amazon is on fire and we’re all about to die.

Hanson reckons the easiest way to respond to young people who are worried about their future is attacking them with cattle prods. No joke. She posted the policy on Twitter — if you can even call it a policy, as opposed to an act of institutionalised violence suggested by a member of parliament — and was almost immediately reprimanded for violating community guidelines.

As a result, while her account is still active, she’s currently unable to post.

Of course, Hanson has already started moaning. “This is just a concerted effort by the left to once again push for the censorship of conservative politicians and commentators,” she said in a statement.

Sorry ’bout it, Pauline.