Pauline Hanson Tried To Expose “Anti-White Racism”. It Went Very Badly

"I went through a tunnel and couldn't access Triple M for about 3 minutes and 42 seconds #AntiWhiteRacism"

Pauline Hanson anti-white racism

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Even by the standards of widely ineffective Australian politicians, Pauline Hanson is not very good at her job.

She can barely manage her own party, a group of far-right demagogues who spend their time smearing blood on doors and slurring one another in the press. Nor does she have much luck passing or creating legislation.

In fact, she spends most of her time in parliament embarking upon hateful and misguided attempts to court the press’s attention, staging elaborate stunts that are so tiresome and regressive that they’re not even worth listing here.

Well, now even Hanson’s media stunts are misfiring. Her latest, an attempt to expose ‘anti-white’ racism, has come crashing down upon her, resulting in thousands of tweets dunking on her claim that Caucasian “victims” of  discrimination “remain silent” for fear of inciting an angry mob.

It all started when Hanson attempted to hijack a Twitter hashtag that users had created to share stories of racism. Claiming that there were attempts to “deplatform” her, Hanson instructed her followers to share their own stories of anti-white racism, in the hope that the silent majority would come to her aid and prove the existence of discrimination that simply doesn’t exist.

Within minutes, Twitter users were taking the opportunity to royally dunk not just on Hanson, but the concept of anti-white racism altogether.

As for Pauline, she’s suddenly gone very silent on the whole issue of anti-white racism since her tweet took off. Where is she to defend the mayonnaise-lovers and Star Trek boxset-deprived martyrs of the world?

Lead image: Wikimedia Commons