‘Overwatch’ Players Are Thirsty For Mei’s Dummy Thicc New Skin

Junkrat, I'm trying to sneak around, but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards.

Overwatch Anniversary Mei Honeydew Skin

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Nice legs, Daisy Dukes, makes Overwatch players go *whoot-whoo*.

Overwatch‘s 2019 Anniversary event went live today, celebrating three years since Blizzard’s optimistic team-based shooter bounced into our hearts with its lighthearted and fun take on murder. The event brings back a rotating roster of past event game modes such as Junkenstein’s Revenge and Lucioball, as well as lets players grab past event skins they may have missed the first time around.

The event also adds new Anniversary cosmetics, allowing players to play dress-ups with Overwatch‘s killers. There’s a cool Roadhog skin that turns his head into a skull immersed in toxic waste. A D.Va skin puts the 19-year-old in a school uniform. Gargoyle Winston turns the ape to stone.

Yet there’s one cosmetic in particular that has captured bother players’ attention and their hearts, provoking mopped brows, bitten lips and shameless, unbridled thirst. Climatologist Mei‘s adorable new ‘Honeydew’ outfit puts the scientist in some Daisy Dukes, revealing a thick pair of thighs players are wishing would crack their skulls.

Though it isn’t explicitly stated in the game, Overwatch fans have identified Mei’s ‘Honeydew’ outfit as being a uniform for a bubble tea shop. This is backed up by the reel on her right thigh, which appears to be a roll of sticker lids for plastic cups, and text on her gun that reads “bubble dew”.

It isn’t an outfit typically associated with insatiable lust. Yet appreciative players around the world have agreed that they would love nothing more than to slake their thirst with what Mei is serving.

Regular new content such as new heroes, new maps, new lore and new modes has maintained Overwatch‘s healthy and active player base in the years since its release. Still, it seems that even after all these years, nothing gets the community’s blood pumping like a horny new skin.

The Overwatch anniversary event ends on June 11, so you’ll have to jump in before then if you want to get your hands on Mei’s shorts.