‘Overwatch’ Hero Baptiste Is The Game’s New Daddy

Overwatch - Baptiste

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Ever since its launch in May 2016, Soldier 76 has been the socked and sandalled unofficial dad of Overwatch. But now, with the release of the game’s latest hero, this video game has a new daddy.

Today, team-based shooter Overwatch added a new face to its gradually growing roster of brightly dressed people who like to murder. Hailing from Tortuga, Haiti, Jean-Baptiste “Baptiste” Augustin is a combat medic, meaning he does some murder but also does some healing, so he’ll probably end up in Purgatory rather than going straight to Hell.

However, though initial player response is that Baptiste is a lot of fun to play, not all of the focus has been on his Biotic Launcher, his Immortality Field, or the fact that he can literally leap tall buildings in a single bound. These are all notable traits, of course, but not his only traits worth noting.

Indeed, rather than focusing solely on his combat ability, some of the attention has instead been on the fact that Jean-Baptiste Augustin can get it.

In particular, Baptiste’s sprays have garnered quite a bit of attention. Found in loot boxes given to players when they level up, sprays are images that can be applied to any surface in-game.

This means you can put up a picture of Baptiste and stare at it like a teenager with a poster of a pop star until someone comes along and shoots you in your thirsty face.

The 30th hero in Overwatch‘s lineup, Baptiste’s arse first came to players’ attention late last month when he was added to the game’s test servers.

Even so, not all players opt into Overwatch‘s testing grounds. Now that he’s has been added to the main game Baptiste has a much wider audience, and players are very appreciative.

Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.