You Can Order The ‘Festival Shirt’ On Deliveroo For $1, Because This Is Society Now

But there's a catch.

Festival Shirt Cotton On FOMO Festival

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Folks, we are truly through the looking glass now. After seeing their humble ‘Festival Shirt’ rocket to celebrity meme status in recent weeks, Cotton On has decided to ride that gravy train to infinity and beyond.

If you’re not up to date with your festival memes, here’s a primer: A few weeks back, Instagram user @ohhellocalum noticed that a particular yellow and blue striped shirt was taking over the torsos of festival bros and ladies nation wide.

It sparked a fair bit of interest from online outlets (including ours), and a subsequent Music Junkee investigation at FOMO Festival revealed that yes, this shirt is fucking everywhere. 

Now, it’s probably going to be even more ubiquitous. On Friday, February 1, Cotton On will team up with Deliveroo to enable everyone to get in on stripey action.

The shirt will be available for delivery within the app for $1 — search in the app for the ‘Festy Ready’ store. Bear in mind that this is for one day, and one day only.

There’ll be the usual selection of stripes on offer — from the classic yellow and blue, to the more outlandish blue and red. It’ll be delivered alongside a bottle of water and a mysterious “snack pack.” Who knows.