We Walked Around FOMO For 5 Mins And Here’s How Many Festival Shirts We Found

We needed to investigate the phenomenon.

Festival Shirt Cotton On FOMO Festival

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There’s no doubting it: our nation is in the grip of a fashion phenomenon.

As we reported last week (and as first spotted by Instagram user @ohhellocalum), the ‘Festival Shirt’ is rapidly taking over our torsos, with hundreds of festival bros and ladies rocking the same $30 blue-and-yellow shirt from Cotton On (which is quite literally advertised as ‘Festival Shirt’.)

Clearly, we needed to investigate this trend in the wild. So over the weekend, we sent our intrepid reporters into the field at FOMO Festival to see just how many Festival Shirts they could find in the space of five minutes.

The results speak for themselves. Scroll down, and see if you can spot yourself. All photos via @namesjanthony.