Festival Bros Are Getting Rinsed Online For Wearing The Same Shirt

It's $29 and literally called 'Festival Shirt'.

Festival Shirt

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Summer festival season is in full swing, which means that we’re honing in on the new fashion faux pas and trends (usually the same thing).

Where once it was glitter, and then tiny shades, it looks like a $29 blue-and-yellow striped men’s shirt from Cotton On — literally advertised as ‘festival shirt’ — is the new hot item, with 100s of bros wearing it to festivals.

The trend was first spotted by Instagram user Ohhellocallum, who made this beautiful montage from the crowd at FOMO Adelaide, which was picked up by radio station Fresh 92.7’s Facebook page.

The post quickly went viral, with Facebook users posting their own pics and videos of bros, of different bro clans, wearing the exact same outfit, sometimes alternating colours, across Falls Festival and FOMO.

Festival Shirt

Photo via Fick Manning on Facebook.

Photo via Luke Blais Facebook (via IzPhil Instagram)

And, as The Daily Mail are wont to do with viral Facebook posts, they even whipped up a post about it all with the extremely Daily Mail headline “Bizarre fashion trend sees thousands of Australian men wearing the SAME $30 shirt to summer festivals — and nobody can understand why”. Despite the headline, it’s pretty clear why.

As lots of Facebook users point out, it’s clear that these ‘excited lads’ are either so uninspired they have a collective hive-mind, or they’ve all literally just Googled ‘festival shirt’ and bought the first thing that pops up.

We just gave it a try — it’s right up the top, just a click away. It’s the fashion equivalent of searching the word ‘porn’ into Google, which some of these men, possibly, also do.

The Daily Mail refers to the shirts as an ‘iconic fabric’ and a ‘visual eyesore’ (as opposed to an aural one). We wouldn’t go that far — but it definitely makes us think we might need to add a new addition to our ‘worst festival trends’ list.

If you’d like to buy your own Festival Shirt, you can google ‘festival shirt’. It appears in 13 colours, but it’s clear the Ikea-like yellow and blue is the winner.