It Turns Out Triple J’s Ben & Liam Spend Their Spare Time Prank Calling Other Radio Stations

They even won $50 on a competitor's show.

ben and liam leaving triple j photo

A lot of radio hosts like to use their time spent off the mic while songs are spinning to collect their thoughts, and to prepare themselves for the rest of their shows. Triple j’s Ben and Liam are not like most radio hosts.

After all, the pair have a long history as noted pranksters. In the past, they’ve sent doppelgangers to the ARIAs in a (mostly) successful attempt to fool the press. They’ve produced cheesy, glorious attacks on commercial radio. And they’ve used their powers as pretty good impressionists to skewer Australia’s most famous Hawaiian shirt wearing scientist, Dr. Karl.

Now, they’ve launched another gentle ribbing attack — this time on their fellow radio hosts.

See, while songs are playing, the pair like to call up their competitors and pretend to be random members of the public.

“We love radio so much, we just want to be on it all the time,” Ben explains in the triple j segment. “Sometimes I’ll go home after work, have a little nap, wake up, put the radio on and I’ll call up another station.”

“I’ve even been on triple j a few times under different names,” Liam admits. “I call through as Jake sometimes.”

Turns out that their pranking can be pretty lucrative too.

“Ben actually won $50 from a rival drive show,” Liam laughs.

From there, the segment cuts to some of the pranksters’ radio call-ins, from Liam telling a rival show that he left his child at a Blockbuster, his voice slathered in an indeterminate accent, to a distinctly unbelievable story concerning thongs at a wedding.

But it’s not all about poking a little fun at their competitors — there’s a wholesome element to the prank too, as the pair start every one of their radio appearances with the sign-on, “love the show.”

Excellent mischief and radio hosts supporting other radio hosts? What more could you ask for?