Triple J’s Liam Stapleton Wore A Disguise To Meet The Arctic Monkeys

Some fans will do anything to meet their favourite band.

Liam Stapleton with The Arctic Monkeys

Fans will go the extra mile to meet their favourite musicians — and it turns out triple j’s Liam Stapleton is no different, even though he meets the world’s biggest musicians on the regular.

The breakfast show host is a big fan of Arctic Monkeys, and while the band made a trip into the triple j studios last week while they’re here on an Australian tour, they were booked in for another show.

Instead of getting the second-hand experience, or tuning into Afternoons with Veronica and Lewis like the rest of us, Stapleton donned a disguise to get into the studio.

Rather than barge in, Stapleton decided to fake it as a producer to meet Alex Turner and drummer Matt Helders incognito.

“Look, I’d consider it frowned upon if you think about getting photos when someone else is doing an interview,” he told Tone Deaf, “so I thought I’ll just pretend to be a part of their segment instead.”

His outfit? A cheap headset and a clipboard. Perfect. He didn’t really get to say much to the band, but has actually interviewed them beforehand anyway. He just needed the picture, which, as someone who once waited outside Sunrise when he was 15 to meet Kesha before heading late to school near two hours away, I totally understand.

You gotta do what you gotta do. The Arctic Monkeys’ tour continues this week in New Zealand.