Tony Abbott Was Just Asked What His Top Achievement As Minister For Women Has Been. His Answer Is Hilarious.

You can't make this shit up.

At this point in his tenure as Australia’s self-appointed Minister for Women, you’d hope Tony Abbott would be tackling the issues that affect them.

These issues are not hard to find.

There’s domestic violence, for instance, which is experienced by one in three Australian women. There’s the gender pay gap in Australia, where women in full-time work still earn 18% less than men. And there’s the entire sector of Indigenous women in Australia, who remain the most disadvantaged people in the country.

Appearing on The Today Show this morning to discuss yesterday’s Cabinet reshuffle — which notably did not involve the Minister For Women job being handed to an actual real-life woman, from a man who doesn’t know how to talk to them — Lisa Wilkinson asked the Prime Minister what he thought his biggest contribution to the portfolio had been so far.

His answer was… bewildering?

“Well, you know, it is very important to do the right thing by families and households,” he began, immediately putting “the housewives of Australia” in their place: at home with their families. “As many of us know, women are particularly focused on the household budget and the repeal of the carbon tax means a $550 a year benefit for the average family.”

Yep. Tony Abbott considers his biggest contribution for women to be Australia’s globally humiliating inaction on climate change, represented by the repeal of a policy that within two years managed to curb emissions in the electricity sector by 17 million tonnes.

That’s right, ladies: he’s been doing it for you.

Abbott also used the platform to talk up the promotion of NSW MP Sussan Ley, who has become the second woman in his Cabinet, after Julie Bishop.

Without wanting to taint that particular achievement, it’s worth noting that there are 2.5 times more women in Abbott’s immediate family than there are in his Cabinet.

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  1. Jodie says:

    “There’s domestic violence, for instance, which is experienced by one in three Australian women.”

    I followed the link and read that “Nationally representative surveys have found that anywhere from one-quarter to one-third, and even up to one-half, of Australian women will experience physical or sexual violence by a man at some point in their lives.” That itself is appalling and breaks my heart but the link also states that rates of domestic violence are between 5 and 10% at any one time. Outrageous! Please change your reporting to reflect the true nature of domestic violence in Australia, which is epidemic but not experienced by one in three women.

  2. Guest says:

    I think you misunderstood the statistics.

    “28.5% of women had experienced some form of domestic violence (physical, sexual or emotional)during their lifetime; 5.5% of women had experienced severe physical abuse in the past year..”

    While yes, reporting the incident is important, they are being reported. However, there’s no REAL help for women that are leaving abusive homes, especially with families and they often end up back with their partner because they can’t sustain 2-3 children without a job, house, clothes etc etc.

    Also, the threat of someone who’s already not-so morally in-tune snapping and severely hurting or killing the woman or her family is extremely high.
    “Female homicide victims are 2.5 times more likely than male victims to be killed by someone with whom they are in a domestic relationship.”

    There simply needs to be more saftey and services for women leaving abusive relationships.

  3. Jodie says:

    Hi Guest, as an activist and survivor I couldn’t be more on board with your argument and would just like to point out here that arguing about statistics is probably a waste of our energies. The link provides statistics from several studies of varying levels of usefulness, none of which support the one in three assertion. I’m not coming at this as a critic but merely pointing out that linking to a page that contradicts the statistic on the very first page undermines the argument. Reporting about domestic violence should be accurate and respectful. Citing facts that can be debunked by a cursory glance undermines the hard work activists and supporters are doing to bring change and draw attention to the issue.

  4. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    The old “pay gap” and “domestic violence” myth’s again. Yay.

  5. Karl says:

    Domestic violence myth? What planet are you living on? I have grown up in a home where my mother was abused daily along with her kids, after leaving her and her 2 kids (Including myself) received basically no help and you’re saying this is a myth? Absolutely disgusting. Ignorance at it’s best.

  6. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    You experienced domestic violence, therefore the rest of us are meant to accept the feminist lies that it only happens to women and that it happens to 1/3 women? No thanks.

  7. smarter than leon dawson says:

    Please jettison yourself as far away from this planet as you can, for the sake of everyone

  8. andrewkewley says:

    Just because you are willing to form an opinion without reading the primary sources, does not mean that those are myths.

  9. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    Wow. This guy is actually serious.

    Hey Steph, I think we’ve discovered a new rhetorical low point. Scraping on the wood at the bottom of the barrel, that one.

    Sweet bloody spaghetti monster… even Abbott himself might cringe if he read that post!

    Might, that is.

  10. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    I am willing to form an opinion based on multiple sources instead of blindly accepting anything shoved down my throat like you.

  11. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    If you’re over the age of 15 and chose to post a meme instead of a rebuttal, then this meme ironically applies to you.

  12. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    Hi, I’m a pretentious pseudo-intellectual weakling who derives their self-esteem by posting “clever” responses over the internet.

  13. Owen says:

    it’s about 28% in australia. not quite 1 third, but certainly more than 1 quarter.

  14. LogicWut says:

    Emotional domestic violence. When neither sex nor actual violence is involved, but needs to exist to keep the statistics high.


  15. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    Under what criteria? I raised my voice to my spouse, or they did to me and that constitutes abuse? Laughable.

  16. Tory says:

    It’s great that in your bubble of a world you aren’t exposed to domestic violence Leon. However I can guarantee that it’s happening to people you know and they are either too shit scared to admit it, too ashamed, or just don’t know any better. Clearly they’re not going to come running to you with your views. However working in a job where I respond to domestic violence issues primarily involving women as victims more often than a lot of other crime I can assure you without quoting statistics that it is a real problem and happens every single day all over the state. But of course you would know better claiming to make ‘clever’ comments that aren’t so clever.

  17. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    Well, if you’d posted an argument, maybe I’d have posted a rebuttal!

    For future reference, an argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. (Statements of real substance would be preferred)

  18. Adam says:

    Indeed you are.

  19. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    People climb mountains every day but that doesn’t mean 1/3 people have climbed a mountain. These are inflated figures based on loosely defined parameters that feminists and demagogue’s use to push their political agenda.

    I guarantee if someone close to me had a problem with domestic violence they would come to me, because unlike you I can approach something in a rational, mature fashion instead of throwing mini-tantrum’s over cyberspace.

  20. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    Way to grasp the comment.

  21. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    I stated a position. You hid behind a gif .

    You win.

  22. andrewkewley says:

    It is clear you don’t know me at all.

  23. Matt S says:

    Ah the good old MRA lunatics that ignore statists, evidence, and reality in their desperate bid to maintain a patriarchy, so scared are they at the very concept of positive change and egalitarian society.

    You people are just wonderful individuals. Yay.

  24. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    Ah the good old liberal, “agree with me or you’re insane.” approach.

  25. Matt S says:

    No, you are insane because you have sweet fuck all to support your opinion that doesn’t come from dubious MRA sources. Come back with some evidence from outside of your pathetic little ideology and I’ll take you seriously.

    For the record I’m not a liberal. I just accept arguments based on facts and expertise. You have none, and I would bet my house on the fact that you are not even close to an expert on anything to do with this subject.

  26. pto says:

    Well he’s just the gift that keeps on giving!

  27. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    Only a moron would appeal to authority with such enthusiasm.

  28. Mark Emerson says:

    Tony Abbott has however excelled as minister for Tony Abbott, minister for the big end of town and minister for his LNP mates all of whom he has looked after very nicely. Based on the way he has looked after his families interests, he would have made a great leader for the Family First Party. His family that is.

  29. Matt S says:

    No. The moron is the person that thinks their completely unsubstantiatied opinion on a comments section somehow deserves the same credibility as the actual statistics that demonstrate his opinion is inaccurate.

    Goddamn flatearthers are everything that’s wrong with modern social debate.

  30. Leon Fitzroy Dawson says:

    This coming from the coward too lazy to rationally debate an issue with someone so he simply slanders them via a negative association and references biased and dishonest feminist studies.

  31. JFSmith99 says:

    Perfect response there Adam.

    And his name “Black Knight” is incredibly apropos, don’tcha think? Really getting cut to pieces on this page.

  32. Mark Jackson says:

    Ah, the good old Tea Party approach.

    Invent completely unsupported claims without even trying to back them up, then go ad hominem whenever anyone criticises said approach, and asks for evidence.

    Like we haven’t all seen this tactic around the Web countless times before.

    That and the obvious tendency to resort to lame stereotyping and slogans in posts.

  33. Black Knight says:

    Like most pretentious liberal bimbos you equate “You’re a big meany and I dont like you/” to getting ‘cut to pieces.’

  34. Black Knight says:

    Not a single specific criticism.

  35. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    Nice ad hominem flaming again there.

    And I’m afraid it’s not possible for you to debate anything successfully when all you do is post a couple of claims pulled out of thin air in a one-liner, then refuse to back it up with any kind of evidence when you’re called upon to do so.

    JFS is clearly correct. Your ineptitude has been totally exposed.

  36. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    Not a single piece of evidence from you either (making specific criticism kinda hard I think). Despite your having made fourteen posts so far. Despite being called on to back up those lurid declarations of yours many times now.

    I think we’ve all summed you up pretty well.

  37. Black Knight says:

    So is this imaginary claim meant to exist anywhere outside your tiny mind?

  38. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    You mean my point as backed up by the post record on this page, about your total failure – after having made 15 posts on this page now – to produce any substantiation for those extravagant claims you posted at the start?

    No, that’s what’s known as clear, solid fact.

  39. Black Knight says:

    And what claims are these supposedly?

    Not accepting a claim is not a claim unto itself…

  40. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    So, you’ve forgotten your own initial post on this page now, and what it said?

    Would I seriously need to repeat your own words back to you at this stage?

    Wow. This only makes your other projectile rhetoric just before, that attempt to pretend I’m the one lacking in cerebral capacity, all the more amusing.

  41. Black Knight says:

    Stop jerking off to a thesaurus and admit you have no idea what you’re actually disagreeing with.

  42. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    You really don’t have any other form of response except ad hominem abuse when people query you, eh?

    OK, I’ll repeat your own words back to you again:

    And after 17 posts by you on this page, you’ve not even tried to justify these claims.

    Now apparently pretending you never posted them?

  43. Black Knight says:

    For some reason I thought you had the mental capabilities of someone who could do a Google search. My mistake.

    They pay gap myth has been so thoroughly debunked by now I seriously just get embarrassed for anyone naive enough to bring it up. Even lying politicians who use this talking point to earn brownie points with women back off this statement claim when challenged. Only misinformed liberal white knights and lazy, dishonest journalists are pathetic enough to cling to this unfounded idea postulation anymore.

    As for domestic violence I and another poster already stated that our gripes with this issue are that the criteria used for defining domestic violence is so loose that almost any person could claim being a victim of domestic violence, and that when it comes to the really violent DV that we are still pretending that it only happens to women.

    I know it’s hard to post smug, condescending comments about other people’s ‘cerebral capacity’ like a child who got a thesaurus for Christmas but it would be even more impressive if you challenged trendy ideas instead of swallowing everything the media shoves down your throat.

  44. YouFO says:

    ad hominem

    is that your favourite expression Joe

  45. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    As Diamond Joe has told you every time you followed him around with this stuff, I’m bloody well not him. Other posters who support what he’s said on that other website aren’t him either.

    I don’t care if you don’t like that DJ and me support the Greens and have a bunch of things in common politically. You don’t get to stalk us because of that.

    I’ll be getting on to the Junkee admin about this right now.

    Stalking is the domain of crazy people, and stalking someone just because they’re a friend of someone else you’ve been stalking before is even more insane.

  46. YouFO says:

    Post something on IA then

  47. Austin Wonaeamirri says:

    Definitely not. Not until I know I won’t have to cop even more of this harassment there as well, from any buddies of yours still doing it.

    And I’ve informed the people who run Junkee about what you’re doing now. I know Green Lantern is doing the same in informing the owner of the Renew Economy website about your harassment of him there too.