Jack Black And Chris Hemsworth Are Having An Extremely Silly Feud

Black has challenged Hemsworth to a Battle of the Jams. Whatever that is.

Jack Black and Chris Hemsworth are feuding. They’re having a feud. And they will resolve this feud in the only fashion they know how: a Battle of the Jams.

Black threw down the gauntlet on Friday via Instagram, accusing Thor: Ragnarok of ripping off School of Rock by using Led Zeppelin’s iconic ‘Immigrant Song’ during a climactic section of the film.

“It’s come to my attention that someone kind of stole that chunk of our movie and put it in their movie,” said Black. “That’s right, I’m talking about Thor: Ragnarok. Totally bit our style, totally poached our jam. And now they’re parading around town like they thought of it. Well, you don’t get to do that and get away with it, bro.”

Black proceeds to challenge Thor — by which he presumably meant Hemsworth — to a Battle of the Jams. Whatever that is.

This is a challenge! #SchoolOfRagnarok @chrishemsworth @taikawaititi

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Black also shared a video from the set of his upcoming film, The House with a Clock in its Walls, in which he recreates Thor: Ragnarok‘s epic final battle with the help of none other than Cate Blanchett the Goddess of Death.

Daddy’s School Of Ragnaroth from the set of “The House With A Clock In It’s Walls”

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From there, the world sat with bated breath, waiting for Hemsworth to respond. And on Sunday, he did.

“You’re right, you got me,” admitted Hemsworth in an Instagram video of his own. “Guilty as charged. We stole ‘Immigrant Song’ from you. But guess what? You stole it too.”

After quoting some Oscar Wilde and having a dig at Tenacious D, Hemsworth accepts Black’s challenge, despite not knowing what a Battle of the Jams is either.

in response to @jackblack #schoolofragnarock #jam @taikawaititi @marvel #thorragnarok

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You heard him, Black. His place or yours.