Beautiful Merman Chris Hemsworth Is Frolicking On A Beach To Save The Ocean

Please enjoy these shameless photos.

Chris Hemsworth

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Chris Hemsworth (in my recently altered opinion, the superior Hemsworth), cares about the ocean a lot. He cares about it so much, in fact, that he flew his precious merman self all the way to the Maldives to frolic in the ocean with Diego Luna, all in the name of the ocean’s ecological safety.

And hoo boy, don’t you worry, friends. There are, of course, many pictures of this glorious event. Are there ever.

Accurate depiction of Chris Hemsworth's "work-life balance".

First, let me tell you, the man can surf. (Not surprising tbh considering the Hemsworths grew up on Philip Island and C.Hem now lives with his adorable family near Byron Bay.) He surfs so good, and he looks so good while doing it. That is Thor-level surfing skills.

Oh nothing, just catching a casual wave.

Hemsworth was in the Maldives attending the Parley Ocean School, which is a kind of ecological marine funtimes activist’s camp, as part of a bid by Parley and Corona to protect 100 islands against marine plastic pollution by 2020. The campaign will focus its efforts, to reduce plastic waste that is clogging our oceans and killing our marine life, in six regions — Mexico, Maldives, Australia, Chile, Italy and Dominican Republic — before broadening out to other areas.

Glorious beach babe Hemsworth was there doing some learning, surfing and smouldering with Luna and a bunch of other ambassadors from beach-adjacent areas. And boy, they ARE smouldering.

"Where is the Corona I was promised?"

But look, Luna — who you’ll know from his devilishly charming turn as Cassian Andor in Rogue One, or from his early role in the steamy Y Tu Mamá También — is not here to be outdone by C.Hem. He cares about the oceans too, you guys, and he is ready to show you just how much.

"Hey, you are one rogue piece of trash."

See how he caresses that ocean trash? And hey, if you were worried that you’d miss out on pics of a scruffy C.Hem mournfully handling garbage, Do. Not. Despair. We have you covered.

*I. Will. Tryyyyyyy. To fix you.*

The photos to accompany the campaign are clearly meant for us to ogle shamelessly, and I am here for it in a big way. I will watch Chris Hemsworth pick up rubbish in beach gear literally any day of the year.

*Up where they walk, up where they run . . .*
*. . . up where they stay all day in the sun.*

Legit, though, ocean health is a really significant crisis we are now facing, because we are base and disgusting and we just throw our trash into the sea. (What are you doing, don’t throw your trash in the sea!) An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste finds its way to the oceans every year; and unless we address the problem, at this rate there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2020.

I, for one, am glad that Chris Hemsworth and Diego Luna are on this one.

Each time you throw your garbage in the ocean, an attractive Hemsworth relative dies. ~Think about it.~

If you are overwhelmed by these glorious photos, I have news for you. THERE IS ALSO A VIDEO. Just watch, and praise be for this red hot content.