Petition For Australia To Get Behind Electric Fields As Our Next Eurovision Act

The first four artists keen for your Eurovision vote have been announced.

Eurovision Electric Fields

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Australia’s presence at Eurovision is set for a shake-up next year, with the representative for our incredibly non-European country set to be decided by public vote for the first time in our five year competitive history.

Today we’ve got our first look at some of the artists who’ll perform for your votes in a special event held on the Gold Coast next February with Electric Fields, Sheppard, Kate Miller-Heidke and Mark Vincent announced as the first four of ten competitors.

The two most exciting announcements here are obviously Electric Fields and Kate Miller-Heidke, the former a uniquely bold duo which features singer Zaachariaha Fielding often performing in his Pitjantjatjara language and the latter for being just a really good fit for the absurdity that is Eurovision. I mean just look at this woman for christ’s sake, she’s a dream:

The less said about Sheppard and their ~zany~ hair colours and chart-friendly, offshore-refugee-prison-profit-funded melodies the better. Also, Mark Vincent is an opera dude who won Australia’s Got Talent in 2009, so good for him.

There are still six more Aussie acts to be announced as competitors, but so far we’re swinging our support hard behind Electric Fields and so should you TBH. The past four Australian Eurovision entrants have all been people of colour, which is a great run to keep going from a country as diverse as ours, and having a First Nation language sung on such a huge global stage would simply fucking rule.

Known for their immersive live performances and delightfully queer aesthetic, Electric Fields would be an absolute slam dunk at next year’s Eurovision. Here’s a performance from 2017 that showcases their vibe. Imagine this but with 400% more pyrotechnics and you get why we stan.

Eurovision: Australia Decides goes down February 8-9 on the Goldy, and will be broadcast by the official Eurovision network SBS. 2019’s Eurovision kicks off in earnest May 14 in Tel Aviv, Israel, if the mass boycotts don’t bring it down, that is.

You can find out more about the first four acts in this tidy little video below: