Eurovision Fans: You Will Get To Choose Australia’s Next Entry

Guarantee the winning song will be "Songy McSongface" or something like that.


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Australians will have a say in which song the country takes to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in a nationally broadcast competition early next year.

The national competition, which will be held in the Gold Coast in February, hopes to unearth new talent — both songwriters and performers.

From now until 4 November, songwriters will be able to submit original works for consideration. There aren’t too many restrictions: you’ve got to be an Aussie citizen, the song needs to be between two and three minutes, and must have vocals.

“SBS is calling on songwriters across Australia, of all ages and at all stages in their careers, to submit an original composition for consideration,” the broadcaster said. “From there, it’s up to the Australian public and a Jury to decide Australia’s act to take the stage at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest”.

Eurovision is a competition for (mostly) European countries in which both an expert jur and a popular vote decide which country’s song ends up on top. Next year’s Eurovision contest will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

SBS Acting Managing Director James Taylor said that the initiative was pushed by local Eurovision fans.

“As our country’s passion for Eurovision continues to grow, we are inundated by fans wanting to have their say in choosing who represents Australia on the world’s biggest stage,” he said.

The national competition will be hosted by Eurovision stalwarts Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey.