A Victorian School Employee Brought A Swastika Cake And Nazi Paraphernalia Into A Classroom

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A Victorian public school employee has caused a bit of a stir (to put it lightly) after bringing various Nazi paraphernalia into a classroom. Including a cake with a swastika on it.

An investigation has been launched into the unnamed man, who is employed at Dromana Secondary College in a non-teaching role, after he posted a series of pictures to Facebook showing students wearing an actual Nazi hat and playing with a replica gas canister.

One of the photos posted to the man’s Facebook (via The Age).

The supposed military memorabilia fan is a member of a Facebook group that trades and sells World War I and II artefacts, although it is still unclear why exactly the man brought his goods into school and what the intended outcome for the students was.

I mean, learning about the horrific events of World War II and the Holocaust at school is obviously an important endeavour. I just struggle to see how holding a replica of the exact type of gas canister that enabled the murder of millions of Jewish people invites any additional insights to say, a documentary or a textbook?

And the fucking swastika cake! The swastika cake you guys! What the actual fuck!?

The Age, who saw the online posts in question, reports that the employee posted a separate Facebook post regarding the Nazi cake, with comments such as “I’m really pleased, it was brilliant with cream drizzled on it. No wonder it was Hitler’s favourite cake.”


Apparently, the portions of cake the man brought in to the school were cut in a way that the swastika wasn’t apparent. Which just means the kids were unknowingly eating Nazi cake. Which is quite possibly even worse.

This is all just a dog’s breakfast of a situation, a fact agreed to by the school’s principal who said: “The intent of the history lesson was to educate students about the impact of World War II but some of the items brought into the class were entirely inappropriate.”

The Department of Education went one step further, saying in a statement “The actions of the Nazis were abhorrent and should not be forgotten by any generation. Using symbols or artefacts in a way that may normalise or trivialise the actions of the Nazis is completely unacceptable.”

It hasn’t even been a full week since I wrote this article saying how nice it would be to not have to write the word “Nazi” in a news article for a while. One week! Get your shit together Australia.