15 NSW Young Nationals Resign Over Alleged Neo-Nazi Links

They had a literal mens-only fight club.

Young Nationals

Over a dozen NSW Young Nationals have resigned from the party amid ongoing investigations into numerous members’ links to white supremacist and neo-nazi groups, Fairfax reports.

It’s the latest in a bizarre saga involving an alleged covert plot to infiltrate the Young Nats by alt-right figures, leading the NSW party executive to launch an investigation in an attempt to identify and kick out all those pesky nazis.

The 15 party members who resigned via a letter to the NSW Nationals executive late yesterday are believed to be mostly those currently under investigation for not just links to white supremacist groups but also for contributing (no doubt heinously shitty) fascist memes to secret Facebook groups as well as attending an actual IRL mens-only fight club.

The ABC reports that the resignation letter delves into the many reasons why these Tyler Durden-wannabe edge-lords are quitting the Nats, including being unhappy with the party’s immigration policy, which apparently isn’t doing enough for “young white Australians” who “see a grim future for themselves and their children, of becoming a minority in their own country”.

Do we though?

The leader of the Nationals and ~current~ Deputy Prime Minister Generic Middle-Aged White Man, Michael McCormack said early in the week that the Nats “do not tolerate extremism or the politics of hate”, with the investigation set to wrap and present it’s results this week. So that should be the end of that then?

Christ it’d be nice to not have the word “nazi” in the news for at least week.

Feature image courtesy of NSW Young Nationals/ Facebook