VIC Premier Daniel Andrews Is Getting Roasted Over This Heavy-Handed Drug-Driving Ad

Sad grandma is the new Stoner Sloth.

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is copping an almighty roasting on social media after sharing an especially cringeworthy ad about the perils of driving on illicit drugs.

The 30 second commercial created by the Transport Accident Commission features a man who is pulled over for a random drug test while driving his grandma home from a family barbecue.

After testing positive, the man is taken away in a police car, while grandma is left sitting in the passenger seat. There she’ll presumably remain until she dies from hunger and/or the crushing shame of learning that her grandson, her own flesh and blood, is a no good dirty rotten druggie.

Sad Grandma

That feeling when you realise you’re a failure as a grandparent.

Andrews shared the ad on Facebook along with a caption that read “don’t put your life at risk. Don’t break the law. And don’t break your grandma’s heart.”

At this point, it’s probably worth pointing out that if your ability to drive is impaired, whether by drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep, then don’t be a dickhead. It’s not that hard to get an Uber.

That being said, this kind of heavy-handed, patronising ad campaign is not the way to reach people. Sad Grandma isn’t quite as spectacular a misfire as Stoner Sloth (bless him), but she’s definitely in the same ballpark.

The clip has been mocked relentlessly by Facebook users, with many theorising that grandma may have been off her chops as well.

The ad has also generated plenty of debate about what the aim of roadside drug testing should be. A number of the commenters pointed out that some drugs, such as marijuana, can be detected several days after being consumed, and suggested police should be testing whether a person is actually impaired rather than just penalising everyone who has an illicit substance in their system.

Still, all things being equal, I think it’s abundantly clear that this woman should not be operating a motor vehicle.

Grandma is fucking cooked.