Watch Vampire Weekend Cover ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ With Help From Danielle Haim

The boys, they are back -- and you must listen to the ceremonious song.

Vampire Weekend

It has been years since the boys have been seen, but now they are back in town. Where have they been? Unknown. In time, they will reveal what wonders and horrors they have seen — but now, we celebrate their return with the ceremonious song, Thin Lizzy’s 1976 hit ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’.

If the boys return but Thin Lizzy is not available to perform, it is written that another band may take their place — especially if they have a panache for ironic nostalgia. With news that the boys indeed are back in town, Vampire Weekend took up the gauntlet and performed the song this weekend at Fuji Rock Festival in Yuzawa, Japan — with help from Danielle Haim.

It is not currently understood if Yuzawa is the town that the boys have returned to. It is widely accepted as canon that the boys’ town is within themselves, and that the return is a meeting of the splintered self. Soon they shall tell us their tale, and we shall find what town they have returned to.

In the meantime, you may celebrate the monumental day by watching the performance. Danielle Haim also joined the band for a version of ‘Obvious Bicycle’, the opening track on Vampire Weekend’s last album, 2013’s Modern Vampires Of The City — they promise that album number four is on the way soon.

During their stellar headlining set at Splendour in the Grass last week, the band didn’t debut any new material — and even though this year’s Splendour trend was covers, they didn’t break out this Thin Lizzy classic. Guess the boys weren’t back yet.

Watch videos of both performances (and a backstage rehearsal) below, and be thankful that the boys are back.