Triple J’s Ben And Liam Have Ended Their On-Air Feud With A Full On Boxing Match

Nothing like demanding your favourite co-hosts to attack each other, is there?

ben and liam boxing match photo triple j

The whim of a fanbase is a strange wind, blowing whichever way it so wants. Look, for example, at the devotees of triple j’s Ben and Liam.

The pair of radio hosts have a strong and loyal following — fans who appreciate their honesty, approachability, and habit of pulling exceptionally annoying pranks on each other, fellow radio hosts, and basically anybody unlucky enough to get in their way.

But, though those loyal fans would do anything for their heroes, when they first got a whiff of the idea that the pair might be able to beat the shit out of each other in a violent deathmatch, they seized upon it.

See, for reasons that could best be described as “complicated”, Ben Harvey, one half of the duo, recently conducted his very first boxing match. Which sounds very respectful and interesting, until you realise that said match was fought against an actual, honest-to-God teenager; a 16-year-old, no less.

Ever since news of the bout has been circulating, his colleague Liam Stapleton has been giving him one helluva hard time, casting doubt upon his ability to punch someone who isn’t at least five years out of puberty.

And that, predictably, is where the fanbase jumped in, demanding that Ben and Liam go at it and knock the shit out of one another, for the glory of the internet. To their credit, the pair agreed to the stunt, resulting in incredible footage of the very in-shape Ben Harvey knocking the block off the not-at-all-prepared Liam Stapleton.

Feast your eyes upon what is surely the match of the century, as long as you’re limiting the scope of ‘match’ to, ‘Two Australian Radio Hosts Who Are Friends Hitting Each Other A Bit For Two Minutes’: