The Magpie Has Won Australia’s Bird Of The Year Contest Because Democracy Doesn’t Work

We demand a recount.


The Magpie is Australia’s Bird of the Year. And I for one am fucking fuming.

The beady-eyed feather-shit, scourge of cyclists and small children everywhere, pipped the majestic white ibis at the post in one of the most hotly contested votes in the history of Australian democracy. In a ballot conducted by The Guardian and Birdlife Australia, magpies received 19,926 votes compared to the bin chicken’s 19,083.

The result has sent many social media users into a bird-related frenzy, which is entirely fair enough if you ask me.

On the positive side, given the state of politics in this country, it’s only a matter of time before the black and white rat bird is unseated in a leadership spill.

Feature image via Wikimedia.