‘The Room’ Visionary Tommy Wiseau Has A Bizarre New Movie And It’s Coming To Australia

Critics have described the film as "watchable".

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are back. The unlikely pals, who were made famous by Wiseau’s cult classic dumpster fire The Room, have collaborated on a new movie and it’s coming to Australia.

Written by Sestero and directed by Justin MacGregor, Best F(r)iends is actually two films, split into two seperate “volumes”. Think Kill Bill, but… probably not as good.

According to a press release, the two-part saga tell the story of a drifter (Sestero) who hatches an “underground enterprise” with a peculiar mortician (Wiseau, of course). Inevitably, they end up betraying each other, as the filmmakers combine “mystery, intrigue, and more than a few dark laughs in a surreal tale about friendship and loyalty”.

The small number of critics who have already seen the film have actually been pretty kind to it, although it does seem like they might have had low expectations. Take for example this review, which praises the movie as “watchable” with “no issues in continuity or plot”.

As for Wiseau, he’s reportedly promised that “after watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise”. Which is a bloody strong sell, tbh.

Best F(r)iends: Volume One will make its Australian debut at Cinema Nova in Melbourne on June 21. Sestero will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A, before heading up to Sydney for a session at the Hayden Orpheum on June 25.