This TikTok Has Finally Explained Why Porn Bots Are Always Watching Your Instagram Stories

Turns out, it's probably someone you know.

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A TikTok video has reminded the world that if random bots keep watching your Instagram story, it’s probably an nemesis/ex/your ex’s new partner/estranged co-worker/jealous type having an anonymous stalk through a third party website.

These sites have been around for years, but have kept a relatively low profile. A recent spike in people noticing the bots on their view lists as they become more popular has led to concerned users looking for answers.

“If you’re a public account, and you’ve seen those like ‘free sex’, ‘sugar daddy’, or ‘watch my pussy’ accounts, um, you’re being watched. Somebody you know is watching you,” an American TikToker shared.

While people stuck in the past have been using burner and finsta accounts to do their sly bidding, others have taken it to the next level. Easily accessible story generator websites allow people you’ve blocked, people who’ve unfollowed you, or people who don’t want to show up on the view list to watch your Instagram stories privately.

By typing in a public username, they can pick which specific content frame they want to see for both stories and highlights, and even give the option to download as well. Those generic bot usernames then show up as having viewed your story each time. They can’t sneak a peek for private accounts, nor can they access any restricted ‘close friends’ stories.

“I get a ton of these, but honestly I don’t care because I never post personal things, and it just gives fan behaviour,” someone wrote in the comments of the video. “Kinda offended that no one’s gone to all this effort for me,” said another person.

This doesn’t apply for all bots — some are just genuine spam accounts, business marketers, or scammers. While you can block them individually, it’s a futile mission if a different name will inevitably pop up next time. The only real solution is to go on private, but that’s not nearly half as much fun.

Junkee reached out to Instagram for comment.