People On TikTok Are Impersonating Celebrities In The Hopes Of Cracking Into Their Apple Pay

From Ian Somerhalder's aggressive smirk to Drake's infamous pout, people are trying to crack celebrity Face IDs.

Face ID TikTok Apple Pay Celebrity Impression

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You’d be lying if you said you’ve never dreamed of stealing a rich celebrity’s credit card at least once.

Picture it: an unlimited card balance to play with, all the while stealing from the super wealthy who often love to avoid paying tax? Sounds like a dream! But while most of us would never actually go through with it, the latest ‘Face ID’ TikTok trend is helping us get one step closer to the fantasy.

In the trend, people on TikTok are giving their best celebrity impersonations in the hopes of unlocking their Apple Pay, accessed through Face ID.

Of course, the whole thing is a giant joke and no one is actually stealing anyone’s phone or their financial details, but watching people imitate the very specific mannerisms of celebrities sure is funny.

For example, @tapirephobie who lovingly poked fun at Britney Spear’s truly chaotic Instagram videos where she just dances, poses and twirls for her fans.

The trend itself was actually started by TikTok user @kyralamond99, who first uploaded the sound a week ago.

Captioning her video “when you’re online shopping at 4am and gotta make eye contact for Apple Pay”, Kyra’s video was viewed over 3.8 million times.

But the ‘Face ID’ trend that now includes celebrity and pop culture impersonations only became its own trend when Kyra uploaded her Apple Pay audio as a standalone sound.

Taking the chaotic laughter of influencer Brittany Broski and pairing it with the Apple Pay ding sound, Kyra’s video kicked off the perfect trend that pokes fun at things like Ian Somerhalder’s aggressive smirk, Drake’s infamous pout, and Ed Sheeran’s lazy eye.

However the ‘Face ID’ trend isn’t just reserved for mocking celebrities, but pop culture characters and real life stereotypes, too.

Luckily for us, the concept of ~stealing~ the banking information of famous people isn’t anything new.

In fact, joking about grabbing the card details of the rich and famous has taken over TikTok in the last few weeks thanks to some of the Kardashian kids popping up on the app with their own joint mother-daughter accounts.

For example, when Penelope Disick and Kourtney Kardashian launched their @pandkourt joint account, the 9-year-old’s comments were flooded with questions about the famous family.

“Who is ur favourite aunt?” one person asked. “Penelope, has mommy ever smoked a joint?” queried another.

“Penelope, honey, what are the numbers on that card your mommy used to buy you that?” others questioned.

But it was actually when Kim Kardashian launched @kimandnorth with her daughter North West that everything went south.

Suddenly all the questions aimed at North were jokingly focused on Kim K’s new relationship with Pete Davidson and, of course, people requesting the 8-year-old post her billionaire mum’s credit card details.

Comments like “Northy, who filmed this? Was it a funny, tall pale man?” quickly turned into “North, what are those funny looking numbers on Kim or Kanye’s card?”, “Northie, baby, give us a tour of mommy’s purse” and “you ever played cash app before?”.

I guess we probably won’t have to wait long before we start getting a Stormi Webster and Dream Kardashian ‘Face ID’ TikTok video, too.