Everyone Is Making Sad Memes To Cope With Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’

"Got therapy in seven minutes hope she’s listened to 'folklore' already."

taylor swift folklore memes

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Last Friday, having given the world less than a day’s warning that it was coming, Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album folklore. 

It’s received glowing reviews from critics — Music Junkee’s Joseph Earp called it “one of the best albums of her career“, and The Guardian’s Laura Snapes gifted it five stars, writing that it simply proved Swift was no longer even competing with her popstar peers. On review aggregator Metacritic, it’s currently sitting at 94 percent approval — which comfortably puts it in the ‘universal acclaim’ category.

Fans have been equally obsessed, and over the weekend the internet was a tangled jungle of easter eggs, ‘cardigan’ theories, baby conspiracies, and “Kaylor” truthers. There have also been memes. Many, many, many memes.

The theme of all the memes is similar — folklore is a sad, sad listen, the kind of album you listen to while staring at a misty forest, wrapped in a woollen blanket. Or, alternatively, lying in a puddle of your own tears thinking about how your heart was cracked in two by your high-school crush.

Across TikTok, Twitter, and just about everywhere else that lets people express feelings, folklore memes have taken over. Scroll over our favourites below — now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find my woollen blanket and journal.

Over on Twitter, it’s much the same content.