The Final Season Of ‘Succession’ Is Almost Upon Us. Here’s What You Need To Know


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The final season of HBO‘s Succession airs on Monday, March 27, and thank god. It’s been far too long since we caught up with the Roys in Season 3. Need a refresher on what went down, and some thoughts (not spoilers) on what we can expect from Season 4? So glad you asked. Here’s everything you need to know about TV’s richest and most dysfunctional media mogul family before the beginning of the end

What Was Happening With The Roys In Season 3?

We last left the Roys dangling from one of the most gut-wrenching cliffhangers in television history. After Kendall’s botched takeover attempt in Season 1, followed by his exposing of the company’s past cover-ups in Season 2, much of Season 3 saw the once-heir apparent estranged from his family as the Roys scrambled to deal with the legal and PR nightmare he created. 

Despite briefly enjoying the moral high ground, Kendall is once again outmanoeuvred by his father — he just can’t seem to bring him down. Over the course of Season 3, Kendall’s pushed out and down by his family’s attempts to silence him, eventually leading to what we’re thinking was a suicide attempt..? Or an almost-drowning after one too many beers..? Jury’s still out. Kendall’s fine (physically, anyway) but it did leave us with an encroaching sense of doom — his fate in Season 4 could be  pretty dire.  

Meanwhile, with the shareholders threatening to vote Logan out of the top job and install usurpers Sandi Furness and Stewy Hosseini in key positions, Roman and Shiv are deployed to help wriggle their way out of a takeover. All while still competing with each other for their father’s position and their place as No. 1 Offspring.

Wait, Wasn’t Alexander Skarsgård In The Last Season Of ‘Succession’?

He sure was. Enter: Lukas Matsson. The CEO of GoJo, a large media company, Matsson enters negotiations with Roman and Logan, who want to acquire his company for WayStar Royco. It’s a move that, if successful, would prevent the shareholders from abandoning Logan. Matsson and Logan secretly agree to a merger.

It becomes clear to Roman, Shiv and Kendall that their father cares more about his power in the company than anything else and the finale sees the three siblings form a hurried alliance to prevent the GoJo merger. But thanks to an insidious betrayal by Shiv’s husband Tom Wambsgans and her cousin Greg Hirsch (name a more iconic duo) Logan’s warned about the trio’s plans and legally removes his kids from Waystar Royco’s board before they get a chance to confront him. 

It’s here where we last left the main trio, “broken but together” to quote the Season 3 finale’s award-winning script. As for their elder sibling Connor, who was left out of the rebel alliance of his younger sibs, he’s spent much of the last three seasons attempting a delusional run for president, against his father’s wishes. But he’ll have to contend with the charismatic, ultra-right candidate Jeryd Mencken – who Logan (and his media empire) will be backing.

What Can We Expect From ‘Succession’ Season 4?

Well, as creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong confirmed, we can expect the show to end. Probably in a very big way.

Of course, the cast have been tight-lipped about the grand finale. Sarah Snook even told the LA Times that she and a handful of other cast members weren’t aware the season would be the last until they’d received the script for the final episode. 

But the trailer teases plenty of loose threads to tie. There’s Kendall potentially reconciling with Stewy, Tom and Shiv finally hashing out their viperous marriage, the controversial presidential race, and the siblings engaging in an unlikely alliance in their quest to  take power from their father. 

Big questions abound

Will they win? Will Logan die? Will Roman finally have sex? We can only wait and see. 

Can We Expect A ‘Succession’ Spin-off Series?

Alas, no. While the cast have joked about the possibility of a Cousin Greg spin-off (here for it) Jesse Armstrong has said it’s unlikely. And HBO Boss Casey Bloys, agrees.

Jesse Armstrong told Deadline at the Succession Season 4 premiere recently: “I think— I mean, it’d be like a fun parlour game that I would do with my pals but I wouldn’t say it publicly because it might get misconstrued — so I would write for all of them, but I don’t think any of them are right for an actual TV spin-off”

Regardless, I’m still holding out hope for a limited series about Gerri’s rise to power. 

Where Can We Watch ‘Succession’ In Australia?

If you’re in Australia, Succession Season 4 episodes are streaming every Monday from March 27 exclusively on Foxtel and BINGE. Elsewhere, it can be found on HBO Max. Catch the Season 4 trailer for Succession: