Straight Men Are Now Sucking Off Hotdogs Thanks To The “Glizzy” TikTok Trend

We stan some non-toxic Glizzy guzzling kings.


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Honestly, how good are hotdogs?

There’s just something about slapping a boring ol’ sausage into a bread roll that really elevates the struggle meal. Depending on where you are in the world, the name for a hotdog changes too.

In Australia, we call them a sausage sizzle, in Germany they go by wiener and online, they’re now known as a “Glizzy”. But like with most things online, Glizzy has become its own cultural phenomena and has created a community of hotdog guzzlers.

Where, How And Why Did ‘Glizzy’ Start?

According to Daily Rap Facts, the term “Glizzy” originated in America (around the Washington DC and Maryland (DMV) area) back in 2016, and is local slang for a gun.

But along with it being as an alternate name for guns, people in the DC area have long used the phrase as another title for hotdogs. HipHop DX explains that this is because the length of a hotdog is similar to the extended clip of a gun.

But because the internet can never take anything seriously, when the DC slang was discovered by the wider population over the months of June and July, it became a whole new thing. Quickly, photos and videos of people eating hotdogs started to do the rounds on social media, and became a huge joke as they were being dubbed “Glizzy Gladiators” and “Glizzy Guzzlers”.

The phrase even made it onto national TV when ESPN called competitive eater, Joey Chestnut, the “Glizzy Gladiator” for downing an impressive 75 hotdogs — sausage, bun and all — in just 10 minutes during the 2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Non-Toxic Straight Men On TikTok Are Embracing The Glizzy

Along the line, thanks to the inherently phallic nature of hotdogs, the Glizzy meme started to become sexual. Straight men getting “caught” eating a hotdog became something shameful, so videos of people trying to hide their Glizzys at barbecues became its own thing.

And when the meme made its way over to TikTok in early July, it was no different. People started to make jokes about hiding their hotdog consumption from friends, and even from themselves in some instances. Some even used the platform to share their best lowkey Glizzy-gobbling techniques to use in public.

But after a few days, this faux fear of hotdogs shifted and straight men started to embrace their new “Glizzy Gladiator” titles as they chomped down on their hotdogs in joy. After all, they are literally just some sausages in bread.

But of course, the Glizzy stayed sexual for some… a little too sexual.