You Really Need To Read This Vulture “Interview” With The 10-Foot Killer Doll From ‘Squid Game’

In the delightfully deranged interview, "Chantal" refused to touch on politics but lowkey confirmed that she's dating Jigsaw.

Squid Game Doll Interview Vulture

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In the most 2021 turn of events ever, the giant murderous robot from Netflix’s Squid Game has just done an interview.

Now if you’ve watched Squid Game — the Korean drama that focuses on 456 desperate contestants who compete in a series of deadly children’s games in the hopes of clearing their crippling debt — then you may be wondering, what the fuck? How? She’s literally an animatronic doll? And you would be correct. She is.

But for reasons I can’t quite understand, Vulture writer E. Alex Jung swears he got a hold of the 10-foot doll for a 14-question “interview”.

Since Squid Game’s release, the giant robot that slaughtered 255 people during Red Light, Green Light has been a fan favourite with viewers.

As people imagine what the first round of the Squid Game would be like if they played, the doll has popped up all over TikTok. In some cases, she’s even been recreated in Roblox games and been given the prestigious fancam edit.

So really it’s no surprise that Vulture has given the people what they want: An “exclusive interview” with Chantal, the 10-foot doll from Squid Game. 

In the interview, “Chantal” reveals that this is her first interview ever (shocker!) and that she’s been absolutely bombarded by “people asking me for photos and my autograph” since the show skyrocketed to number one on Netflix in over 80 countries.

For some context, the doll used in Squid Game wasn’t actually created for the show. It’s real and lives in the horse carriage village of Chungcheongbok-do, a rural area a few hours from Seoul. There is also a replica of the doll currently living outside of a mall in the Philippines, set up to monitor jaywalking, that has gone mega-viral on TikTok as people try to avoid her red eyes.

During her chat, Chantal also touched on how rough life was growing up being three metres tall but noted that this mistreatment was ultimately what led her to acting.

“Being a 10-foot robot doll was really hard for me, especially in grade school. Kids can be really cruel,” she said. “I just never fit in — sometimes literally!”

“So I was an introvert, and books and TV were a huge escape for me. I always loved to act out little stories in front of my parents, and then I joined a local youth theatre group.”

However, despite being the only 10-foot doll in Korea, Chantal swears the role wasn’t written for her. Instead, she just “immediately connected with the character”, sent in a tape and was offered the part on the spot. For the actual role, the doll only had one line: “Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida” or “Red Light, Green Light”. But Chantal reckons this made the role even more difficult as she had to “walk the line between light-heartedness and menace” while adjusting her tone slightly each time.

Chantal also shared that she found her character “inspiring” even though she knows that not everyone sees the doll as a good person. “I know a lot of people might see her as the villain, but I didn’t approach her that way. As an actor, you have to find compassion for your character,” Chantal revealed. “Even though she does some bad things, she really believes in the overall mission of the Squid Game: She’s giving these people an opportunity to take control of their destiny.”

“I was inspired by her — her focus, the way she takes up space. At the same time, she’s just as trapped as the contestants, so it’s complicated. It’s a rich role.”

And while Chantal refused to speak about US policies and her opinions on the abolishment of student loan debts, she did hint to a possible romance with Jigsaw from Saw and shared her hopes of doing a romantic drama with Gong Yoo (the recruiter) or Wi Ha-joon (the cop) in the future.

At the end of the interview, Chantal selflessly gave the other giant robotic dolls of the world some advice by tapping into the wise words of Lady Gaga.

“People always used to say stuff to try and make me doubt myself — like how my head is too big or my pupils are a creepy red, or even when I never sat down in class because the desks were too small,” Chantal concluded. “But then I met Director Hwang and I really felt seen.”

“What I’m trying to say is don’t give up. There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but all it takes is one and that was him”.

Honestly, some truly moving stuff. You can read the full Vulture “interview” in all its glory here. You won’t be sorry.