If You Loved ‘Squid Game’, You Need To Watch These Perfectly Chaotic TikToks

And yes, everyone's horny for Kang Sae-byeok, the recruiter and the cop, too.

Squid Game TikTok Squid Game Memes

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Squid Game has been out for just under two weeks and is already well on its way to becoming Netflix’s most-watched series ever.

And with Squid Game currently ranking as number one in nearly 80 countries, the world’s obsession with the show’s games, characters, and soundtrack is pretty understandable.

— Warning: Obvious spoilers for Squid Game ahead. —

The Korean drama, which focuses on hundreds of people with crippling debt competing in deadly kid’s games for a massive cash prize, is truly wild viewing for anyone who hasn’t watched a K-drama before.

With a ₩45.6 billion ($53 million AUD) prize fund, a giant killer doll, a secret horny masked millionaires club, toilet stall sex, an underground organ harvesting business, cigarettes smuggled in through the coochie, and a really, really hot cast, Squid Game truly has it all.

So it’s really no surprise that memes about the Korean series are flooding social media — especially on TikTok.

Squid Game Has Taken Over TikTok

If you’ve been on TikTok over the last week, you’ve likely been served videos about Squid Game. And considering the TikTok #SquidGame hashtag has already racked up 16 BILLION views, it is very likely you’ve seen a couple.

Beyond the expected fancams made to iconic K-Pop tracks like ‘Money’ by Blackpink’s Lisa, one of the biggest TikTok memes about the series has focused on the games that contestants play in the show.

For example, people have been imagining how they’d fare in Red Light, Green Light — the horrifying first round of the Squid Game competition that used a 10-foot-tall killer doll to execute players if it sensed movement.

Some have even imagined what the Red Light, Green Light experience would be like if other people — including Ariana Grande, ex-partners, and, excitingly, an everyday eshay equipped with a deadly scooter — joined in on the ₩45 billion race.

Similarly, Squid Game’s second challenge — that forced contestants to use a needle to cut out a circle, triangle, star, or umbrella from a traditional Korean honeycomb — has also inspired TikTok to make their own Dalgona candy to test their skills under pressure, too.

While some have offered tutorials on how to create the snack at home so that people can understand just how hard the challenge is, most have just made a joke out of how they’d definitely fail the honeycomb task before even starting.

But another huge meme to come out of the Dalgona game is Seong Gi-hun (Player 456) and his supremely fat ass.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, in the third episode of Squid Game the cameras took a moment to really focus in on Gi-hun’s back as he bent over to carefully carve out his umbrella candy — a scene that has taken many people by pleasant surprise.

Beyond the games themselves, people have also poked fun at certain characters in the series like Player 244 who wouldn’t stop banging on about Jesus, old man Oh Il-nam (Player 001) and his terrifying excitement about the possibility of death, and Jang Deok-Su (Player 101), who was just so unnecessarily scary at all times.

But Really Everyone’s Just Super Horny For The Cast

With such an attractive cast, it’s only natural that most of the Squid Game memes flooding TikTok are focused on just how horny everyone seems to be for the characters. Or rather, how horny everyone is for Kang Sae-byeok (Player 067), her selfless friend Ji-Yeong (Player 240), the train station recruiter, and sexy cop, Hwang Joon-Ho.

So, if you need me I’ll be rewatching Squid Game for…uh…um…research purposes.

You can stream Squid Gameon Netflix now.