Spotify Wrapped Has Officially Landed, So Here’s How To Get Yours

It's time to see just how embarassing 2021 was for us.

Spotify Wrapped

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Well, one of the biggest days in the streaming calendar is finally here — Spotify Wrapped has dropped.

Yep, it’s time to look back at your listening habits over the last 365 days, to reminisce about the songs that got you through what, let’s be real, was a hellish time to be a human being on the planet Earth. Coronavirus, the continuing ambivalence of those in power to the slow destruction of the planet, House of Gucci getting bad reviews — there was a lot that happened in 2021, not all of it particularly good.


And yet, through it all, music was there to guide us; to shape our interior lives; to give us strength when we had none. Cynicism be damned — at least we could still find hope in songwriters expressing their truth, plainly, with a little shred of shared humanity sitting on their tongues.

Of course, some of the music we all listened to in order to get through the days was a little embarrassing — it wouldn’t be Spotify Wrapped season without seeing all the folks who have “calming rain sounds” in their top artists, or the music that they played for their dogs when left home alone dominating their charts. But hey, that’s the delight of the thing. Spotify Wrapped reveals our true listening habits, not the ones that we try to present the world. And there’s something beautiful and refreshing about that — something unpretentious, and shared.

This year, Spotify have stepped up the Wrapped experience. For the first time, videos from more than 170 artists and creators speaking directly to their fans and thanking them for having them in their Wrapped will appear through the service. Also, Wrapped will now be shareable to TikTok, so prepare to see a lot more musical trends popping up across that app.

It is, of course, worth remembering that Spotify is far from properly reimbursing its artists. Wrapped season is a time to push the streaming giant to properly look after those musicians whose livelihoods it depends on. Share your Wrapped, but also be loud about the fact that artists are still being mistreated by the capitalistic behemoth. And while you’re at it, why not go to Bandcamp and fork out the cash to support the artists you love directly?

To get your Spotify Wrapped, head over to the Spotify Wrapped website, or simply go in your app to find it.