All The Best Memes About Everyone’s Embarrassing Spotify Wrapped Results

"Can't wait for my Spotify Wrapped to come out, and tell me that I spent yet another year listening to the same music as I have since I was 14."

spotify wrapped memes 2020

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And so it goes: Another year, another Spotify Wrapped here to expose us all.

In case you missed it, earlier today Spotify released their long-awaited annual summary of their users personal listening habits — offering up everyone’s top played artists, songs, albums, genres, and a bunch of other stats. And as is the case every year, these personalised results slowly trickled out for people across the world at different times, leading to a huge case of 10-minute FOMO.

But while Spotify subscribers were eventually able to find their yearly wrap up, Apple Music users were again left twiddling their thumbs while everyone else shared their results.

As 2020 has been a pretty tough year, even Spotify poked fun at the year feeling like it went on way longer than it needed to in their Wrapped graphics. But all anyone could really focus on was how out of wack their results felt.

However, as it has always been, Spotify only collects data from January 1st till October 31st, so all those embarrassing top-charting tracks are all your own doing — including all the sleep sounds that helped us try and snooze through this trash fire of a year.

Thanks to a whole lot of spare time on our hands and quarantine rewatching, some real old favourites even remerged to really throw off some people’s listening habits.

This nostalgic watching and listening was so prevalent that Spotify even decided to include a “Top Decade” Wrapped pick to represent all those people who tried to escape 2020 through music.

A big outlier that many noticed this year, however, was the presence of so many Glee cover tracks in their top lists. And I mean SO many.

While for others, their results were exactly what they expected them to be.

So go on, find out your Wrapped results then post them for the world to see! You only get the chance once a year. And for those who are too embarrassed to do so, better luck next year.

We start all over again on January 1, so best to get all your embarrassing streams out of the way now.