Grandparents Are Finding Wholesome Ways To Meet Their Grandkids During Social Distancing

Meeting through glass doors and closed windows, grandparents are determined to safely meet any new additions to the family.

coronavirus social distancing grandparents meeting grandkids

From what we’ve seen already, COVID-19 coronavirus can be deadly for the elderly.

A number of health authorities report that those most at risk to be negatively affected by coronavirus are people 65 and over, and those with preexisting medical conditions that weaken the immune system.

As a result, the young and healthy have been urged to think about the older people in the community who might not survive contracting the disease. So, in order to combat this, both the young and old have begun social distancing and self-quarantining to protect those at risk.

Unfortunately this social distancing even extends to members of the same family where avoiding visiting grandparents, for example, has become the norm. While a tough task to stay away from family you’re always normally around, it’s a necessary action to keep as many people as possible safe.

As some events like birthday parties and weddings can be postponed until the restrictions on social gatherings lift, you can’t really control instances like births. As a result, people have started sharing photos and videos of grandparents meeting their grandkids for the first time, through the safety of closed windows and glass doors.

Since babies have begun testing positive for the virus, social distancing has become more important than ever.  As symptoms can remain dormant or go completely unnoticed in the healthy, it’s safest to avoid unnecessary socialising of any kind for the sake of the old, young and the sick.

So as more and more babies are being born during the coronavirus pandemic, window interactions are becoming the norm for new families. For example, Dubai-based journalist Summer Said shared a photo of her in-laws safely visiting their granddaughter for the first time through the barrier of a giant glass door.

While new life can bring families closer together in uncertain times, it’s important that rules of social distancing are followed to slow the spread and impact of coronavirus. For one woman in the US, this was definitely the case when she introduced her granddaughter to the child’s great grandfather.

Kathy Rezac’s father absolutely light up at the sight of his great granddaughter through the window of his home. Confined to his room for his own safety, the family spent some time introducing the new addition and checking in on how he was feeling amidst everything going on.

As the projected timeline of COVID-19 remains unknown, it’s safe to assume that these types of safe and wholesome interactions will become the standard for how families stay connected in a time of total disconnect.

While human contact is important, the health and safety of those most vulnerable should be everyone’s main focus over the upcoming months. Hopefully these images work to convince you to stay home, flatten the curve and think about those who need to be protected within our communty.