Scott Morrison Announces New Range Of Measures To Deal With Coronavirus Crisis

Morrison handed down a travel ban, news about non-essential public gatherings, and stressed schools will not be closed.

Scott Morrison coronavirus presser

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today handed down a series of measures designed to slow the spread of the fast-moving coronavirus. The new measures effect everything from international travel, to social gatherings, school attendance and medical care.

Most significantly, Morrison has handed down an “indefinite” level four travel ban for the entire world. That is a strong directive that Australians not travel overseas for literally any reason.

“Do not travel abroad, do not go overseas,” Morrison said in the presser. “That is a very clear instruction.”

Then, Morrison announced that the government will be allowing 20,000 international student nurses currently working in Australia to “support health effort across the country, as directed by health officials.”

Thirdly, the Prime Minister handed down a ban on non-essential gatherings of persons 100 and greater in indoor areas. In outdoor areas, the number of persons allowed to gather remains 500.

Fourthly, Morrison disseminated general health advice about social distancing, instructing all Australians to keep personal space as much as possible, whether it means getting into an Uber, or travelling on public transport.

Fifthly, Morrison issued the directive that schools should remain open across the country. Morrison stressed that the financial devastation of closing schools would not outweigh the caution of closing them.

“Schools should remain open,” Morrison said. “That is the health advice.”

Finally, Morrison stressed in no uncertain terms that Australians should immediately stop panic-buying and stocking up on supplies.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s un-Australian, and it must stop,” Morrison said. “It’s been one of the most disappointing things I’ve seen in terms of Australian behaviour.”

More to come.