This Mash-Up Of Slipknot and Daft Punk Will Melt Your Brain

It's called 'Harder, Better, Psychosocial' and it rules.

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There’s no musician currently working like William Maranci, AKA the mash-up king.

We’re on the record as being massive Maranci stans. We were awed by his Mariah Carey/Radiohead combo; made slack-jawed by his combination of ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears and ‘Power’ by Kanye West; and tickled pink by the genius of slapping ‘Crazy Frog’ on top of Gorillaz.

But now it seems like Maranci has topped himself, delivering a mash-up of Slipknot and Daft Punk that sounds like music from some impossibly distant future.

The track, ‘Harder, Better, Psychosocial’ is one of the lead singles from Maranci’s new album¬†Meat Mountain, a work of mash-up genius that draws on everything from Tom Jones to Mark Ronson to Parquet Courts. Basically, it’s a triumph of ingenuity and niche interests, and it’ll sweep you up with its giant, vein-knotted paws.

The whole album is incredible, but ‘Harder, Better, Psychosocial’ is the Platonic ideal of the mash-up form. It takes two completely distinct works of art and then fleshes out both what makes them similar and what makes them different, drawing together a range of textures and tones that shouldn’t work but somehow do. As a result, the track goes beyond mere novelty; it’s the kind of song that only someone who really loves and cares about what they do could create. Underestimate this thing at your own peril.

Listen, and let your ears drip with blood.