This Mash-Up Of ‘Dirty Harry’ And The Crazy Frog Theme Is Better Than It Has Any Right To Be

Two titans, together at last.

Crazy Frog and Dirty Harry

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I’m calling it now: YouTuber William Maranci is one of the premier artists of our time.

The mash-up king has been on a roll as of late, combining everything from Britney Spears and the Soviet National anthem to Cardi B and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. But his newest, most demented remix is in a world entirely of its own. Yep, without throwing any caution to sense or reason, Maranci has combined ‘Feel Good Inc.’, the smash hit by the Gorillaz, with the work of one Crazy Frog.

Crazy Frog is having something of a renaissance as of late, if you didn’t know. He is firmly back in vogue, thanks to a Twitter account that has been promising a return of the Frog’s music. Whether or not that account is legit, it doesn’t actually appear to really matter to the internet. Everyone’s just happy that we finally get to talk about one of the oldest memes in the book once again.

Anyway, your tolerance of Crazy Frog will of course entirely determine how much you can vibe with this remix. But the courageous amongst us will find their attention dutifully rewarded.

Drink it up: