Australians Can Finally Watch One Of The Most Gloriously Messed Up Horror Movies of 2020

It's called 'The Mortuary Collection', and it's wild.

The Mortuary Collection horror film on Shudder

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There’s no October activity quite as enjoyable as pouring a tall glass of something refreshing filled with ice, kicking back on your couch, and watching anywhere up to 2 hours of cruelty, splatter and torture.

Yep, horror movie-watching season is officially upon us, and Australian spook-obsessives this year are downright spoiled, if for no other reason than we’ll finally get our greasy mitts on 2020’s breakout horror sensation, The Mortuary Collection.

A portmanteau horror film set in a mortuary and composed of five twisted tales that leap throughout time, the film stars Clancy Brown (best known to you either as Brother Justin from Carnivale, or Mr Krabbs from Spongebob, depending on the content you tend to consume) and was directed by Ryan Spindell.

The Mortuary Collection will be particularly exciting for any fan of old school, throwback horror. In both style and tone, it calls to mind a Hammer Horror classic, or the work of a mind-melter like Herschell Gordon Lewis — which, trust me, is high praise indeed.

It comes with one helluva recommendation, too. Sam Raimi, the director of the Evil Dead movies, has called it, “A twisted tapestry of grisly fun and endlessly inventive terror.”

Watch the trailer here to see what he means:

The film is available on Shudder right now. Australians can get a week-long free Shudder trial by heading here.