Get New Dacks, Because Australians Can Finally Stream The Scariest Movie Of The Last Decade

"There's only one true aim with 'Terrified' and that's to scare the crap out of you."

Terrified available now on Australian Shudder

Back in 2017, a little Argentinian horror film called Terrified original title Aterrados — absolutely scared the piss out of pretty much everyone who watched it.

Written and directed by relative unknown Demián Rugna, the film follows three separate households as they deal with increasingly malevolent spirits. These hauntings start as unnerving but ultimately minor disruptions — voices coming from the sink, sudden movements across a bedroom floor in the middle of the night — before becoming all-out horrors, most notably including a hand jutting out of the wall and breaking necks.

In that way, the film is a slow ratcheting up of tension: it starts scary and only gets scarier, eventually reaching a fever-pitch of pure terror.

Which is why even hardened horror movie veterans have called it a nightmare. “Winner of Fantastic Fest’s Best Horror Film, it knows exactly how to make your skin crawl,” Marisa Mirabal of Slash Film wrote, while Jessica Rose of ModernHorrors found it the rare movie that really got under her skin.

“Maybe it’s because I viewed it alone, in the dark, and with a still environment all around me,” Rose wrote. “Maybe it’s because I watched it at the strike of midnight. All I can tell you, to put it ironically simple, is that [this film] absolutely terrified me.”

But despite all of that great press, the film has been out of reach for most Australians since its release. That is, until yesterday.

See, yesterday, Shudder finally launched in Australia. A streaming service just for fans of horror and thriller films, Shudder is packed with goodies, including crocodile survival thriller The Pool, Lovecraftian nightmare The Beach House, and yes, Terrified.

You can get a free week of Shudder by signing up right now, which means Australians can finally get a taste of the most unpleasant horror film of the last decade. Just don’t watch it with the lights off.