TikTok Has Discovered Tracy Grimshaw Voiced A Fish In ‘Shark Tale’

"Should have been Tracy Swimshaw."

A picture of Tracy Grimshaw alongside an orange animated fish

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Instead of using attitudes towards skinny jeans as markers to differentiate millennials from Gen Z, just mention Dreamwork’s 2004 underwater crime thriller Shark Tale.

You see, while the fish crime story featuring the voice talents of Will Smith and Renée Zellweger bounced off millennials already spoilt after experiencing puberty during a golden age of animation, Shark Tale’s uncanny valley style of animation and unbalanced mafia narrative unexpectedly captivated younger viewers.

Despite the film being panned for its disastrous plot that social justice advocates argued perpetuated anti-Italian American stereotypes (I swear I’m not making this up), Gen Z’s fondness for Shark Tale has led to a shocking discovery.

Fact-checking a wild rumour that A Current Affair journalist Tracy Grimshaw had an uncredited role in the film, Australian nostalgia TikTok account @tylahhill conducted a lengthy investigation to find out if Grimshaw appeared in the localised version of the movie released here in Australia.

After failing to find the iconic reporter in either the Stan or Netflix versions of the film, Hill ultimately resorted to purchasing a copy of the movie released on DVD in Australia circa 2005. After running into the classic 2023 problem of not owning a DVD player, Hill finally proved that Grimshaw voiced animated fish and fellow journalist Katie Current in the film.

If Grimshaw’s presence in Shark Tale means nothing to you, you might be glad to hear that a similar expedition to confirm whether David Kosh had a brief role in copies of Monsters vs. Aliens (Australia’s version) is currently underway.