Casey Donovan Responds After Being Accused Of Stealing A Dog

"I can confirm 100 percent there was no conspiracy, plan, or discussion about stealing a dog."

Casey Donovan

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Casey Donovan has issued a statement after being accused of dognapping a Pomeranian in Queensland over the weekend.

The Australian Idol winner shared her side of the story after rumours circulated over the weekend that she was involved in the alleged incident.

In a series of now-deleted Facebook posts, a Brisbane man claimed that his dog Donatella Versace had been snatched by Donovan and her friend, wig designer Drew-Elizabeth Johnstone. Versace had only been in the owner’s possession for nine days before the incident.

Footage from the hallway of a unit building shows Johnstone scooping up Versace, and taking the dog into the elevator with Donovan following behind, as revealed to Nine News.

In the statement, Donovan said that on Sunday night, she and a group of colleagues went for a drink after a gig, before winding up at the home of one of Johnstone’s mutuals.

“Whilst I was in the bathroom doing an exit wee, I could hear a commotion outside, and the friend came and asked me to come out and settle [Johnstone] down, who was clearly very upset as she had witnessed a small dog yelping having been thrown across the room by a flatmate,” she said.

Donovan went on to explain that after being kicked out of the apartment, the pair spotted Versace by the elevator, but said she didn’t know how she got there.

“[Johnstone] still being very upset about what had happened, and with great concern for the dog’s welfare, decided to take the dog home so the people who were in the apartment that were heavily intoxicated could sober up and be more responsible with the poor dog”.

She said she did not witness the alleged animal abuse firsthand, but stands by Johnstone’s account. “I certainly do not condone any type of cruelty or abuse towards an animal whatsoever, and am appalled and in shock”.

“I agree [Johnstone] should have not taken the dog, and should have advised the friend immediately that she had, not the next morning, and I can confirm 100 percent there was no conspiracy, plan, or discussion about stealing a dog”.

The housemate in question was also reportedly asked to leave the shared property after the incident. “No animal should be in harm’s way or treated poorly. I have two adorable cats and a dog at my parent’s [sic] place, and am a huge animal welfare advocate.”

The owner of the dog has reportedly denied any suggestion of mistreatment.

Photo Credit: Nine News