What Did We Do To Deserve A Three-Part Doco About Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson?

Nobody asked for this.

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We regret that a new docuseries titled The Cancelled World Of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson has dropped its first episode on YouTube, and there’s nothing we can do about that now.

The two disgraced former YouTubers have been making headlines for the last couple of years for repeated rounds of disturbing allegations.

Dawson, who is white, regularly caricatured people of other ethnicities in his videos, sometimes even wearing Blackface. He also trafficked in racial slurs, insults, and stereotypes that even included making a joke about the death of Trayvon Martin in 2014. To add to his repertoire, Dawson also made a deluge of inappropriate comments about children (including Willow Smith) and allegedly abused children. You can read more about Dawson’s past, if you’re into that kind of thing, here.

Jeffree Star also was also involved in a barrage of incidents, including allegations of racism, serious accusations of sexual and physical assault, and comments from a fellow YouTuber that he manipulated her. Star was also known for his close friendship with Dawson, and for some reason, owning a yak farm.

Both men ended up on the receiving end of some some well-deserved pushback from their fans, particularly when the Black Lives Matter movement was at its crest in 2020 — so the two now consider themselves “cancelled”.

It’s unclear what the two are hoping to achieve with this three-part docuseries — will they give us a tour of Star’s godforsaken Wyoming yak farm? Will we be treated to reenacted flashbacks that attempt to explain Dawson’s racist proclivities?

One way to find out is to watch it, which is out of the question — so we ended up scouring reactions on Reddit instead, where punters seemed underwhelmed by what was on offer. “I am not sure what this first episode is setting us up for,” writes one user. “It was pretty boring, to say the least.”

“Did anyone else find this to be really hard to follow?” wrote another user. There you have it guys: the reviews are in, and by all accounts, there’s nothing to see here.