Jeffree Star Has *Checks Notes* Started Raising Tibetan Yaks For Farm-To-Table Meat

"Jeffree Star killing yaks for the meat market is a pivot I genuinely did not see coming."

Yak Jeffree Star

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Jeffree Star has emerged out of obscurity to reveal by revealing he’s entering the yak meat market.

The controversial YouTuber shared that not only has he started raising over 100 Tibetan yaks in the outskirts of Wyoming, but is now also butchering them for mince, jerky, and steak cuts.

“It was so beautiful to see so many locals shop our USDA inspected grass-fed meat,” shared Star on Twitter, announcing an online store launch next month.

Star bought his $1.1 million USD Star Yak Ranch in September and said at the time that “nothing is happening except brushing them, loving them, and feeding them”, according to an Insider report at the time.

“Stop using the same regurgitated quote from last year when I said ‘all of my yaks are pets…’ THEY ARE,” he said. “But months later I learned how healthy yak meat is, and I started to appreciate learning where my food comes from. Educate yourself and not immediately lash out at.”

Star Yak Ranch clarified on Tuesday that all the yaks with names are family and pets, and the meat herd is separate from pet and breeding pastures. “The internet is full of funny stories and conspiracies,” they said. “We don’t spend months training yaks and then make them food. Our food doesn’t have a name.”

In April, Star also revealed he was dabbling in the firearm market; working with an Italian firearm company to design a custom pink and silver handgun with his face emblazoned on the side.

Star had a fall from grace in 2020 after various cancellable offences, including his relationship with Shane Dawson, assault allegations which he denies, and racial harassment against black women, according to the Associated Press.

He made several social media and YouTube videos to address the claims about him, and apologise for his behaviour and actions.