Senator Ludlam Vs Chris Kenny Is The Best Twitter Fight You Will See Today

This guy does not get any better.

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It started when Chris Kenny, conservative columnist, vocal ABC critic, and non-dog-sexer, took to Twitter, to slam Radio National Breakfast presenters Fran Kelly and Michelle Grattan for their positive response to Greens Senator Scott Ludlam’s anti-Abbott smackdown, which we happily sent a bit viral this week.

After receiving a few echo-chamber-rounds of “hooray” from his loyal tweeps, Kenny followed up with an offer:

PM host Mark Colvin helpfully interjected with a pro tip for Kenny:

In any case, Adam Scott Ludlam was not tempted.

And then:

Chris Kenny chose to end the conversation with some good old-fashioned passive aggression.

But Ludlam beat him at that, too:

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