In Defence Of The Chaser’s False Depiction Of My Dad Having Sex With Dog

In September last year, Hamster Decides displayed a cobbled-together image of right wing ABC critic Chris Kenny having sex with a dog. Here's his son's response.

In September 2013, an ABC-TV political comedy program displayed a Photoshopped image depicting Chris Kenny, a prominent critic of the ABC, having sex with a dog from behind.

It was a response to an election-night suggestion from Kenny — a political commentator, News Corp Australia employee and former Liberal Party staffer — that the new Coalition government should cut the public broadcaster’s funding. The visual gag was crass, to be sure. A cheap shot. A dog act. But was it really so offensive?

Chris Kenny is my dad. On one of the Sky News political analysis programs he hosts, he has replied to the Chaser joke, lamenting that if his children were ever to Google his name in the future, this is the kind of filth we would stumble across.

Heaven forbid.

Kenny is a staunchly neo-conservative, anti-progress, anti-worker defender of the status quo. He is an unrelenting apologist for the Liberal Party. He was one of Alexander Downer’s senior advisers at the time of the Iraq War. He’s been known to argue for stubborn, sightless inaction on climate change. He spits at anyone concerned with such trivialities as gender equality, environmental issues or labour rights from his Twitter account on a daily basis. Recently, he characterised criticism of the lack of women in Tony Abbott’s Cabinet as a continuation of the Left’s “gender wars”. He is a regular and fervent participant in The Australian’s numerous ongoing bully campaigns against those who question its editorial practices and ideological biases. The profoundly irresponsible, dishonest, hate-filled anti-multiculturalist Andrew Bolt has recently referred to Kenny on his blog as “a friend”.

And it’s a jokey picture of a bestial embrace that I should be afraid of discovering online?

Like clockwork, and in the unlikely company of the ABC’s Media Watch, the Murdoch newspapers have taken up the question of just how this image could possibly have been allowed to go to air. In what is perhaps the most idiotic contribution, The Australian’s ‘Cut And Paste’ section has asked whether prominent feminist Anne Summers is as offended by this joke as she was by the sexual vilification of former PM Julia Gillard. To equate the two things is a ridiculous move, typical of the desperate, flat-earth refusal in some corners of liberalism to acknowledge the existence of gender politics. Involving Summers in this episode for no sound reason is transparent ideological sniping.

In the Daily Telegraph, the always yawn-inducing Tim Blair suggested that Kenny would be treated much more kindly by the public broadcaster if he were an Islamic terrorist — flogging an excruciatingly worn out, tired slur. In the Herald Sun, populist torch-bearer Bolt has demanded to know why ABC managing director Mark Scott has allowed this deterioration of standards to occur on his watch. Standards in media and cultural sensitivity, of course, being Bolt’s twin areas of expertise.

‘The Left’ is often characterised by those who appoint themselves as its opponents as lacking a sense of humour, too ‘politically correct’ and too self-righteous to lighten up and take a joke. No doubt Kenny, Bolt and Blair would argue that the difference in this case is that tax-payers fund the ABC, and should not have to hand over their hard-earned cash for this type of trash.

And I tend to agree. Let’s see the ABC give back every cent of what it cost them to use Photoshop for thirty seconds. Maybe I’ll spend the spare change on a bus to go see the Great Barrier Reef before it, like the Chaser’s dog, is completely fucked in the arse.

Liam Kenny studies in Sydney. He is Chris Kenny’s son.



  1. Katie Cunningham says:

    I think this ranks in my top 5 favourite Junkee articles ever. Good one!

  2. Mel Campbell says:

    The apple falls refreshingly far from the tree. Nicely argued, Liam.

  3. Alasdair Duncan says:

    Nicki Minaj – Did It On Em (Edited)

  4. EvilPundit says:

    What a lovely person you are. Your parents must be proud.

  5. tmc says:

    Always fun to watch family grievances aired in public forums.

  6. Nathan Jolly says:

    Oh, you just wait ’til your father comes home…

  7. Sara Moroney says:

    Liam, are you single? Be still my loins.

  8. missy says:

    you can disagree with your Dad’s politics, beliefs – you don’t even have to like him! But to write what you have says more about you than it ever could about your father…. and i am really embarrassed for you because no matter how justified you feel, this response is utterly shameful.

  9. Mr D says:

    I <3 Liam

  10. random says:

    Quite apart from the sentiments expressed, this is a fantastic article. Well-crafted and erudite..I look forward to seeing more of your writing..

  11. Dave Satterthwaite says:

    You’re a champ, Liam!

  12. Zvyozdochka says:

    Well done young man.

    What the Chaser boys did reminds me of what LGBT activists, Dan Savage particularly, did redefining “Santorum” (don’t Google that people).

    If Chris Kenny and the Ltd News barking clowns don’t drop the topic his name might end up top of the Google searchlist.

    (They ADORE the controversy by-the-way. Controversy is their media product).

  13. Dave Satterthwaite says:

    It does indeed say more about Liam. It shows he’s a bright young person who cares about the future of his nation and wants journalism to return to a fourth estate that keeps other systems in check – as opposed to being a greedy conservative who wants to screw over the future of Australia in return for more (alleged) $$$ in their pocket, and who is happy for the vast majority of media in this nation to be extreme right wing propaganda.

    The fact you’re embarrassed should have more to do with your support of ideologies based on increasing your own wealth at the cost of others.

  14. MissyM says:

    Brilliant and articulate.

  15. MissyM says:

    Why? It’s well thought-through, well written and logically argued.

  16. Paul says:

    You are entitled to your opinion about the sketch and are entitled to disagree with your father, but I think its pretty poor form to sell out a family member…. even your own father. Your father is one who decided to go in to the media and public life and it is he who should be accountable for what he says and does in that sphere… if you disagree with him why not just tell him to his face instead of blogging about it? I think its pretty poor form to air what ever personal problem you might have with your father on a public blog.

  17. liam kenny says:

    Don’t want to get into replying to everything that gets said here. Just making one thing clear: this is not just an attempt to embarrass my dad. If it has that side effect, so be it, but it’s not the intention. He is by no means a bad father, he’s a good one. Any pop-psych diagnosis of my reasons for writing this will miss the fact that this is meant to be a comment on the issue alone and is not personally or emotionally motivated. thx

  18. Marius Vanderlubbe says:

    Liam. Divorce your father. I want to adopt you.

  19. Paul says:

    I think the trouble is that you do make some comments about your father’s previous employment and generally make reflections on him with respect to how he undertakes his job. I think you are entitled to those views absolutely, but I think that in taking the position you have you have unavoidably been quite ungenerous toward your father. Now I don’t personally know you or your father or anything about your family life, but I think that your should discuss these matters directly with family members and not post them online.

  20. Danderson says:

    Picture is OK because you don’t like conservatives and the subject is one of them.

    Doesn’t pass the important logic test.

  21. chris murphy says:

    Gee I enjoyed that. Not much character left in this town. You’ve got a good share of it.

  22. Guest says:

    The descriptions of his activities are there purely to make the point that the Chaser image is not the most interesting thing I’ve stumbled across on the internet. If you think I should have kept my thoughts to myself, fair enough. I disagree.

  23. Step_Thare says:

    Sadly Kenny’s son has not not followed Frost’s advice and taken a road less travelled. Like countless student youth before him he has swallowed whole, the full measure of the left’s Kool Aid. Not one idea outside the unconsidered, green left, callow world view has ever taken root in the still not settled soil of his mind. Hopefully as time passes understanding will grow, but the comfort of always agreeing with the crowd around you can be a hard thing to discard. After all to stand out from the crowd at uni might cost young Liam, but to stand out from your father in front of that same crowd probably has no cost. Chris Kenny does not seem the type to call in a debt like that.

  24. chris murphy says:

    I might add that I have tweeted it to my @chrismurphys 8.5k flwrs on twitter and it has so far been RTd & favourited 25times.

  25. Paul says:

    Thanks for responding and I understand the point you are making, but I do maintain that you are entitled to your view on any of the issues your father or anyone else makes comments about, I just don’t think that you need to so pointedly reference him. Why not just express your opinion on these topics without mentioning your father? anyway I appreciate that you have taken the time to answer comments.

  26. Andrew Frost says:

    I gotta say, this is an incredibly disturbing post. Everything Chris Kenny says might be true, but the subtext of a dysfunctional father-son relationship is so ripe all one can think while reading this is what they will say to each other at the next Xmas bbq.

  27. caitsith01 says:

    Grow up, Paul.

    Liam’s dad has chosen to be part of public life, and to adopt a number of controversial and regressive positions. He has also asserted that the picture is offensive because his children (which includes Liam) might see it on-line.

    Liam has chosen to share his views on those matters. But his father was the one who chose to be an outspoken reactionary and his father was the one who raised the issue of his children’s reaction to the image.

    When his father is publicly using him as part of a bid to win sympathy, Liam is entitled to make sure that the public is aware that he doesn’t give a crap about the picture, but does give a crap about deeply harmful political positions.

  28. Rob Newcombe says:

    My god, the family values concern trolls are out in force today, aren’t they?

  29. MarkGreenmantle says:

    You sir are a scholar and a gentleman, clearly nothing like the twisted sick twat who donated the genes for you.

  30. James M says:

    That… may have been one of the best things I’ve ever read.

  31. walter says:

    Wait to he grows up.

  32. whyisitso says:

    I’m damn glad I don’t have a rotten son like you, Liam. You really are a pig. You’ve used this unfortunate incident to get back at him for some undisclosed hatred you have of him. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  33. whyisitso says:

    Well put irony, Evil.

  34. Elmo Keep says:

    Perhaps because that would miss the entire point of the piece.

  35. Johnny B Gone says:


  36. Kirk Fletcher says:

    I disagree with the politics and ideology of various family members, but I can never imagine endorsing an attack on them like this. You didn’t even use “free speech” as a defence – merely that you disagree with your father’s views, and so it’s OK to call him a dog-f***er, proving that nobody hates quite like the Left.

    Poor Chris. I expect his son will one day regret this article – he sold his family for a few brownie points with his lefty friends – and what is done, cannot be undone. Liam, the Chaser “boys” tarnished your father’s image, but you have tarnished your soul.

  37. Sean Reynolds says:

    I don’t see why, ‘missy’.

  38. Maureen Chuck says:

    Shutup Mum

  39. Christian Theeblackwolfskullsb says:

    Are the ultra-right catamites STILL using culturally irrelevant terms like kool-aid to describe the left side of politics? Liam wasn’t even born before that became tedious and cliched. For the sake of the children. Try harder..

  40. whyisitso says:

    If you’re the well-known lawyer, get fucked.

  41. Johnny B Gone says:

    This, is brilliant. Anything that rouses up the confected outrage of people of no significance gets an upvote from me.

  42. Lime Lite says:

    Well, I’m extremely glad that one of my sons will never write something so immature and attention-seeking about me. They may never always agree with what I say or do, but at least we have a mutually respectful relationship. And I would certainly be very upset were my own son to chose to write this embarrassing article for the world to see, instead of discussing it with me directly. You Liam, are a coward. You can’t see it yet, but you’ve done a lot of damage here.

  43. Lime Lite says:

    I wonder if you’d feel that way were it your son/daughter writing this about you? Ah, youth – where going against “convention” is to be applauded, no matter the damage it does.

  44. Podd Socks says:

    well this all escalated quickly.

  45. Lime Lite says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Kirk. He sold his dad out to be cool with his pals. I would be devastated had this been my son writing this. Luckily neither would as they have respect for me being their parent. Liam may have disagreed with is dad, but he didn’t have to fist-pump about it.

  46. Lime Lite says:

    So, by Chris Kenny saying that the ABC should be defunded, and the ABC retaliating with a picture of him @@@@ a dog, you equate the two? Shame on you.

  47. Step_Thare says:

    Well Christian, perhaps I can reference something while older than Jonestown, something I’m sure very much in your wheelhouse. Karl Marx said ‘ the Bourgeoisie do not realise the ideas they have are because they are Bourgeoisie ‘ and so it is with thoughtless leftwing young people. They, you do not realise that all the beliefs you are so fired up about and proud of are simply a result of your class and age.

  48. liam kenny says:

    caitsith01 has perfectly summed up the logic at work here. unfortunately sentimentality will get in the way for some people. thats a shame, but i can assure you it hasnt got in the way for the subject of the article – we’ve already spoken about it this morning and he is more than capable of handling it.

  49. Kim Abbott says:

    Not an attempt to embarrass him. Just to tell us all how much you hate him because of his political views. Wow!

  50. Shensing says:

    We’re all someone’s daughter. We’re all someone’s son. How long can we look at each other down the barrel of a gun
    ~ John Farnham (so many years ago)

  51. Charlie Mills says:

    nice one liam

  52. Scotty says:

    You guys just expect us to be seen and not heard? Not have a voice and toe the line regardless of our morals? Tough.

  53. Georgia Kiley-Lamont says:

    Disagreeing with the political an moral views of one’s parents isn’t an act of rebellion. Publically calling a parent on their crap isn’t “going again’t convention”. I’d like to think that if/when I have children, I’d raise them to be intelligent, socially aware and politically engaged individuals, not mindless drones that agree with everything I say.

  54. Caellyen says:

    I Googled image searched far and wide for ‘Chris Kenny chasers dog sex’. Nothing came up. I think I’m kind of disappointed in some possibly sadistic way.

  55. Shensing says:

    awesome! Now we don’t just have Class Warfare, Age Warfare is hip with the cats again.

  56. twostix12 says:

    You mean non greedy like the chaser “boys” who nearly all attended Sydney Grammar – a $30,000 a year school?

    I’m sad for this boys father, his son has sold him out to earn fleeting kudos from the awful, marginal, extremist left.

  57. twostix12 says:

    It will. In ten years he’ll be deeply ashamed of this.

  58. Lime Lite says:

    What are you going on about? You can SPEAK to your dad, if you had any respect for him you wouldn’t trash him like this in a public forum. Just your comment shows you still have a lot of growing up to do. Even when I was in my 20’s, I wouldn’t have done this to my dad, and we never got on. I still respected him.

  59. twostix12 says:

    He’s a silly little juvenile who wants the applause and fleeting kudos from the internet leftist masses and he’s used his relationship with his father as the currency to purchase that.

    It’s sad.

    If he wasn’t “Liam Kenny” he’d just be one of the millions of anonymous bloggers who have written about it. He’s literally sold his father out to gain a moment popularity, it will haunt him for the rest of his life once he grows up.

  60. liam kenny says:

    Actually Im perfectly aware of that quote and that idea. its of course true. and it of course doesnt make the beliefs wrong.

  61. twostix12 says:

    That’s exactly what it is and you’ve sold your relationship with your father in order to earn Kudos from anonymous losers who otherwise would hate you for being his son.

    You’ve made a mistake Liam and I’m sad for you.

  62. twostix12 says:

    And worse his “pals” are anonymous internet commenters on an unread blog.

    Talk about low.

  63. Lime Lite says:

    Yeah, and a bonus if they were to air their views out in the wide world and not with you face-to-face, hey? You CLEARLY don’t have children, as I do. If you think this is healthy then please don’t have any.

  64. Jazza says:

    I’d be willing to bet there are more people who think the “joke” was way out of line no matter who the target or supposed grievance the Chaser “boys” were said to be answering in their inimitable rat baggery style.
    Whatever, it has made Chris kenny now more widely known and liked
    Wonder if Liam likes that and more to the point, if he will still feel the same way when he eventually grows up?
    Personally I’d donate $100 of my pension money(OAP) to see Chris sue the ABC and those inane Chaser dills–
    I reckon it is time they and the ineffective Mr Scott faced the facts that the ABC’s charter is daily trashed and many Australians are paying for twaddle they disagree with, we are not all Greens or lefties!.

  65. twostix12 says:

    I’m sure Liam had this kind of comment exactly in mind when he was penning this uninspired, boilerplate hate against daddy.

    Liam Mark says your dad is a “Twisted sick twat”, are you proud you big boy?

  66. twostix12 says:

    Shorter Chris Murphy “Look at me! Look at me! Everyone Look At Me!”.

  67. Lime Lite says:

    Grow up young man. You owe you father a BIG apology.

  68. Lime Lite says:

    Wow, you stay classy.

  69. twostix12 says:

    lol “reactionairy” Yes being against beastilty on the national broadcaster is “reactionairy”.

    Keep talking though – perhaps the vulgar left’s rampage through the ABC will finally reach the public then we can shut it down.

    Thank god you people are such a tiny minority and now officially out of power in 80% of the country.

  70. Steve Johnson says:

    Lighten up.

  71. liam kenny says:

    No, actually I flagged the comment, I’d really like it to be removed. As I’ve said, this is a comment on the issue which I felt within my rights to make, not an attempt to curry favour with anyone, and not an attempt to stir up abuse.

  72. twostix12 says:

    The Chaser “boys” are nearly forty years old and are privileged toffs with names like:

    Julian Francis Xavier Morrow and Charles Henry Burgmann Firth who all attended $30,000 a year private schools. I’m not quite sure why the left are so in love with a group of hyper-privileged 1% toffs just because they poke fun at the middle class.

  73. Steve Johnson says:

    I have three. But then I don’t self-aggrandise along with the nasty News Ltd crowd so its unlikely this will happen to me. You bring no perspective to this. You can’t even post under under your own name.

  74. Liam is a mature adult who can say what he wants, and he knows his own family situation better than you ever will. His dad has Tweeted that he respects his son’s view. It is not your place to get offended on behalf of somebody else.

    P.S. If you were my father then you’d be in for a lesson with that attitude. Once we are grown-ups we plot our own course.

  75. whyisitso says:

    “He is by no means a bad father”. Wow that’s a relief isn’t it, Liam. Why then does he deserve a bad son?

    If he fucks dogs, you are an obvious offspring!

  76. Venus Envy says:

    How dare you assume that Liam has never discussed these matters with his father privately? If he is the type of man that Andrew Bolt proudly describes as “a friend”, I question whether he would be open to criticism at all, whether public or private. Liam has commented publicly on a public issue involving a public figure who just happens to be his father.Thankfully, he seems to be the sort of young man who can easily deflect the shaming tactics of strangers, complete with name-calling. As a mother and as the daughter of a man who holds what I consider to be some absolutely morally repugnant opinions, I applaud Liam for his honesty, his bravery and his willingness to challenge popular authoritarian family values.

  77. Lime Lite says:

    Great, then I’ll be looking forward to one of your son’s trashing you! Seeing as you’re so morally superior not being a New Ltd reader and all. Can’t wait!

  78. Dave Satterthwaite says:

    That’s right. The Left is nothing but wealthy Private school boys waxing fat off the taxpayer, unlike the hard working Conservatives who all bootstrapped themselves up through the Public system and most certainly do not come from lives of privilege.

    As a conservative, I am sure your number one concern is the welfare of this nation’s most vulnerable citizens, and eagerly look forward to your messiah Tony’s diversion of billions of tax dollars from middle class welfare and corporate handouts to our homeless, disabled, and poor members of society.

    Oops, got to go, time to invest in aerial porcine shares!

  79. Miles Heffernan says:

    Not known Kenny’s family’s age, I assumed we he said that he must have young kids, like infants. Clearly he has a young man as a son. I don’t like his venomous politics, but family life seems another matter altogether (in concert with other parents/step parents)

  80. Youth has always challenged the status quo. In many ways it is its role in society. We would have no cultural or scientific advancement if young people didn’t look at things and decide they need to be changed.

    You may find it threatening when you are old and out of control of your destiny, but the changes bought on by each generation refusing to do things the same way are what has given you everything you have in your life.

    There is no use stubbornly clinging to the old ways when you are old and your time is running out. You only rob the next people coming through the chance to have their own impact on the world like you did when you were young.

  81. Lime Lite says:

    Liam, are you sure you wrote this article, as the comments you’re posting doesn’t quite match the quality of the language in the article?? Hmmm.. I smell a rat.

  82. Tanya Beeson says:

    Because the point was made when his Father mentioned ‘his children’ and stated how they would react. the Leaping point of this article

  83. Ellen A. Williams says:

    I think you meant ‘bestiality’ Two sticks, sorry, twostix

  84. Dave Satterthwaite says:

    Unlike you conservatives, who are all progressive individual thinkers, right? Such as shame not everyone can be as mature as you folks, probably because they don’t get their wisdom from News Corporation, eh?

  85. Ellen A. Williams says:

    Thanks Dave. Nail on the head!

  86. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    “If you are 20 and not a liberal, you do not have a heart. If you are 40 and not a conservative, you don’t have a brain”
    – Winston Churchill

  87. Lime Lite says:

    So, have you trashed your parents in this way then? Give me the link, I’d love to read how you have disrespected one your parents as Liam has. Should be an awesome read! Or, maybe your daughter has? That link would also be welcome. I’d love to read what she thinks of you!

  88. Dave Satterthwaite says:

    I find it interesting that many people are up in arms about Liam ‘selling out’ a family member, while his father has ‘sold out’ the entire journalistic profession – and is helping his bosses sell out the entire nation.

    For those hard of thinking, it’s perfectly possible to acknowledge a family member’s faults while still loving them as a relative.

  89. liam kenny says:

    Yes I’m sure. Maybe change your underwear if you smell a rat.

  90. whyisitso says:

    “It is not your place to get offended on behalf of somebody else.”

    I’m offended because the article is offensive and lacks human decency. To say Liam is a “mature” adult is manifestly not true. He is totally immature.

  91. Lime Lite says:

    Sure you did.

  92. Liam is a grown-up and entitled to his own views like anybody else. Just because you choose to take sides with his father’s ideologies does not make Liam’s view “utterly shameful”. In fact, considering who his father is I’d call Liam’s actions very brave.

  93. Mark says:

    What an excellent article Liam. You have articulated so well the extreme r/wing reactionary crap your father expounds at every opportunity. He blocked me after calling me a “Lefty Intellectual” …thinking this was the worst insult he could hurl at me before slinking off like the coward he is.
    What comes across to me most strikingly, is that this man with the most ludicrous outlook on life & society, has produced such a free thinking and progressive young man as you.
    He’s either a very good father, or your mother is an exceptional woman …or, of course, both.
    Thanks Liam, and good luck to you in whatever you do …I’ve got a feeling we’ll hear more from you. Hope so, as we need more progressive warriors to drive the ignorant/bigots, climate skeptics and anti-society thugs out of the seat of Government…

  94. Nats says:

    If I had a father who liked to publicly espouse views which were offensive to me, I would think I had the right to distance myself from them as publicly as the father has put them. And all the faux concern from the Tories are nothing more than self-serving… how many responses can you make Lime Lite? How can you criticise this guy’s lack of respect for his father, a man who has a shown a disturbing lack of respect for anyone who disagrees? And he’s a big boy; if his views are so pervasive and sensible, they’ll survive any family squabble… unless of course you think Liam needs to be brow beaten into submission. Stand firm Liam. You have your views; your father has others. Families disagree and I respect your stance to distance yourself from them. I’m sure your Dad din’t check wiht you before making his views, which naturally rebound on your family. This is a democracy and free speech is part of it. The Tory haters think it only applies when you agree with their views.

  95. Zvyozdochka says:

    … because “the Left” have the ability to think about argument, fact and content rather than focus on where they are educated.

    Ad hominem is a concept you clearly can’t grasp.

  96. whyisitso says:

    Liam, nobody is saying you don’t have a right to say what you did. But when you write such offensive material, people have an equivalent right to criticise you. You will learn that when you reach 16 years of age or so.

  97. Sons and fathers sometimes disagree. It shows they are able to think for themselves and come to their own differing conclusions. Nothing is more mature than that. What is immature is people who cling to the old patriarchal family concept. They are the ones who destroy families with their belief that the senior male should never be challenged under any circumstances.

  98. Steve Oakley says:

    Such a distance apart in views for a father and son. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at their family Christmas dinner.

  99. Dave Satterthwaite says:

    Well, well Lime Lite – what HAVE you done that you don’t want your kids blabbing?

  100. Rob Newcombe says:

    Can you express how it fails the, ahem, “logic test” with a basic syllogism?

  101. Zvyozdochka says:

    As in the USofA, Australia may soon be relying on a small band of comedians to provide our critical thinking.

    We won’t get the information we need from Ltd News and will have to depend on Australia’s versions of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher to do it for them.

    I’m not sure we have them yet, but the Chasers are making progress highlighting our pathetic excuse for a fourth estate. Maybe Shaun McAauliffe is up there.

  102. This is an excellent point because many people assume that the views of family members are the same. It is Liam’s right to stand up and say he is different knowing that it will help him in some areas and hurt him in others.

  103. Robyn Williams says:

    Excellent to hear. I have to breathe through and listen to my daughter giving me the kind of feedback that can only come from someone who loves you enough to go to that much trouble. The delivery isn’t unburdened; painfully sharp and below the belt sometimes, still the message is loud and clear. I could do better. And I do.

  104. Lime Lite says:

    Well, if I had a son like Liam, you’d know! Luckily I don’t.

  105. Guest says:

    OMG I meant its not an attempt to stir up abuse for its subject, referring to the sick twat comment above I wasnt talking about abuse of me. maybe you’ll learn basic comprehension when you get to 16.

  106. Matt Roden says:

    Good lord, why do you care? Are you the Minister for Father/Son mediation? I’m sure Liam and his father will be fine in the end. It’s bizarre you feel this strongly about it. Why not use this time to go and plan a nice father son bonding event with your own children, instead of repeating the same angry things over and over on an internet comments section?

  107. Matt Roden says:

    Hi Liam – I hope you’re not getting bogged down in all of this. I’m sure this will lead to an interesting chat with your father, but really that’s none of our business. You explained your point of view eloquently, and if it’s a statement you felt like making, well, good for you.

  108. Jackie McMillan says:

    I think I love you a little bit Liam Kenny. Thank you.

  109. yesgrainne says:

    We are all biased, somehow. The difficulty with bias is that it’s easy to see the bias of others and hard to see one’s own. I’m not biased, I just see HOW IT REALLY IS!

    Chris Kenny and others who have defended the makeup of the new cabinet probably genuinely believe that they aren’t biased against women. They probably genuinely are outraged at the suggestion that they are biased. They don’t see it. From their perspective, the allegations against them are illegitimate, perhaps even political sophistry.

    They (we all, actually) need to allow for the possibility that we are biased. Opinion writers, of course, have a professional (I use the term advisedly) imperative to be provocative, to appeal to the bias in us all. They are in that sense analogous to the internet trolls, who write nasty tripe in order to provoke a response.

    Nicely written, Liam Kenny. I like you. I hope your Dad can appreciate an effective opinion piece when he sees one.

  110. Alex says:

    Sorry Liam but I don’t think this was a fair ‘comment on the issue alone’. If you watch his Sky News response to the ABC incident again, you’ll see that his argument really doesn’t rest on the kind of disingenuously emotional ‘think of the children’ argument that your article suggests it does. Rather, his point was that it was inappropriate for the ABC, which is funded to the tune of $1B+ by taxpayers, to respond to legitimate questions about the nature and extent of its funding, by broadcasting a photoshopped image of your father engaged in bestiality. What you seem to have done is focus on one small part of his larger point, then say ‘I’m his son…and I find a lot of other stuff he has done more embarrassing than the bestiality image’. While it’s an amusing rhetorical technique that is aided by the convenient fact that you are his son, your piece doesn’t address the question of why it is appropriate for the public broadcaster to have portrayed your father engaged in bestiality because he dared question their funding arrangements. As a piece of youthful contrarianism and rebellion I must say your article is mildly amusing, but as a piece of writing intended to persuade it’s highly lacking.

  111. People who use the terms “left” and “right” in politics are deluded. Clowns like Bolt and Jones love to use “right” because it suggests “correct”. In any argument they change “left” to be whoever they are against at that time. That makes “left” a completely meaningless term.

    You will find a grab-bag of opinions lumped as “left” but not many people agree with ALL of them. People are more complex than that. I might agree that climate change is real but support Workchoices. Am I “left” or “right”? It’s never that simple.

    Every person is a completely different collection of experiences and views. Trying to turn politics into brands like that is a task for only the most simple-minded of folk.

  112. Maybe this is why so many men in their 40’s suffer a mid-life crisis. The belief that over time you must become conservative to protect your job and your family when what was required all along was to stay true to what you believe in.

  113. I have children and I expect them to have their own views and challenge everybody, including me. I am not so in love with myself that I demand complete obedience from my family.

  114. shayneo says:

    Yes, god forbid an adult son has independent political opinions.

  115. It’s only offensive to a handful of people here, and that is because they agree with Liam’s father’s side of politics and don’t like being challenged.

  116. Kaygeebabybaby says:

    Liam, your grandmother was my first principle at primary school, Mrs. Kenny help embody a beautiful atmosphere at our school and her presence was long felt even after she left. What I heard is that she had an active role in selecting our next principal, who again, was an amazing man that created a beautiful, progressive and encouraging environment in a little Catholic school. I always struggled to put her as being your father’s mother, but it is refreshing to see that people are not becoming products of their environment or just learning to think the same way as their parents. I showed this article to my mother, and she informed that I would probably have done the same if my own father displayed these views. Sometimes my father makes racist/misogynistic comments that he may not see as being along that vein, but it doesn’t make me love him any less. We simply don’t agree on some political views and social issues. I understand where you are coming from and I commend you.

  117. whyisitso says:

    Oh Gerard, this goes far further than disagreeing and thinking for yourself. Many, if not most sons disagree with their fathers on a number of issues. Most sons think for themselves. Very few sons vilify their fathers in this dispicable way, especially in a public forum.

    When Liam grows up he’ll realise that even with severe disagreement, mutual respect is still possible, usual and desirable.

  118. morgan corkill says:

    awesome, Especially as Chris Kenny, brought his kids into the discussion as a cheap shot against the show. If he had of known his adult kids at all, he would have known they would totally disagree with what he was saying. His kind always bring children into it as justification that is what is shameful.

  119. morgan corkill says:

    I also have kids, and I would hope they are intelligent, eloquent, and brave like this young man, expressing his ideas, especially if I used (misrepresented) him as part of a broadcast. Kenny should be ashamed of himself using his kids like this for his own gain.

  120. PaulHartyanszky says:

    I would have thought that an article entitled “In Defence Of The Chaser’s False Depiction Of My Dad Having Sex With Dog” would actually contain a Defence Of The Chaser’s False Depiction Of My Dad Having Sex With Dog.

    Apparently not.

  121. Maybe you can try some “mutual respect”, especially since you are not directly involved or have a personal stake in this. Or does this “mutual respect” only apply when people agree with you? You throw a lot of disrespectful terms at Liam over nothing more than he had a public disagreement with his father. A father who is not you. In a family that is not yours.

    Also, do not use the word “vilify” as you do. It reduces its meaning and disrespects the people it was originally used to refer to since their treatment was so bad and inhumane that the normal terms used to describe their plight were insufficient. Just because Howard, Bolt, Jones and others like them have attempted to claim it as their own in a show of contempt does not mean any disagreement or comment is automatically “vilification”.

  122. morgan corkill says:

    So a good son, is seen not heard? obedient? grateful? unquestioning? The only one who should be ashamed of himself is the father, for using his children as fodder in his campaign.

  123. Barry says:

    I don’t give a shit what Chris Kenny’s son thinks about his dad being depicted as having sex with a dog. This is a public broadcaster, and it shouldn’t be used to attack people in such a disgusting manner. No person should have to put up with this kind of unintelligent behavior, regardless of their moral or political opinions. It’s further evidence of all this bleating about wanting a kinder political discussion in the public sphere is just a whole lot of baloney. People are happy to see disturbing slander provided it affirms their extreme partisanship and biased political opinions.

  124. Steve Johnson says:

    Dear Anonymous Troll – who said I had sons? And you missed my point, predictably.

    My point is that Chris Kenny is out there, like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, Tim Blair and all the other opinionated blabbermouths getting paid to stir the pot and feed your desire for hate-filled nastiness directed at socially progressive politics and politicians.

    THEREFORE – are you still with me or have you started writing another tiresome riposte already? – it is unlikely any of my three children would have a need to go after me in the way Chris’s son did.

    ‘Cause, basically, I’m not an arsehole.

    Now repeat after me: “I will not behave like a reactionary, bad-tempered child when things don’t go my way.”

  125. morgan corkill says:

    I totally support your article, and think your very brave for doing this, but I think your kidding yourself if you think this was not personal and emotionally motivated. Reading this I can feel the emotion and anger. You have a right to be angry, he is using you to try and muzzle the ABC, this cannot be allowed to happen. is this your point?

  126. Geoffrey Brent says:

    Actually, from what the article says, it looks as if it was Chris Kenny who aired his views in the wide world and brought his son into the public conversation, not the other way around.

  127. Barry says:

    Really? I’d say it’s fallen pretty close to the tree. Both of them are total assholes.

  128. Mike Shackleton says:

    C’mon, it’s The Chaser, not the 730 Report. Satire, not the Spanish Inquisition. They weren’t conducting this piece of Photoshop trickery to make the public believe that Chris Kenny indulges in bestiality. The Chaser questions the behaviour of our public figures in the same way that Rake is a commentary about the NSW legal system!

  129. Steve Johnson says:

    I think you’re overcooking it and your repeated trolling throughout the page is evidence.

    Obviously you value loyalty over principal. As I mention above to the very lite Lime Lite, Chris Kenny is not your average Joe Blow.

    He is a high-profile bagger. He is not an individual doing a job like most other people, he is out there villifying publicly, along with a pack of right-wing commentators, and frankly when a father behaves in this high profile way, then he is fair game, too.

    What happened it isn’t nice, and may not be deserved, but Chris uses his position to attack individuals, just the same as Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine do, and without an ounce of accountability attached to his criticisms.

    I would argue that is also why he so quickly forgave and accepted his son’s actions via a tweet today. He doesn’t need third parties like you to abuse his son or to defend his paternal honour.

    Chris is a big boy.

  130. Georgia Kiley-Lamont says:

    It IS clear that I don’t have children, I explicitly stated it, so I’m not sure what your point is. I think it’s unfair of you to assume that Liam Kenny hasn’t had discussions like this with his father ‘face-to-face’. We, as outside observers, would have no idea what goes on in their private space as a family. I’m guessing from Liam’s article that he disagrees with a lot of his father’s political views, and I highly doubt that’s never come up at a family dinner before. And setting that aside, Chris Kenny brought his son into the public discussion of this event when he mentioned his children in an interview, saying he hoped they never find the photo. This article is simply Liam responding in the same way. It’s him saying ‘Hey, I found the photo, but considering the other things on the internet about you, why is this the one thing you’re worried about?’

  131. Jordan Thompson says:

    He seems pretty angry about what’s happening to the barrier reef

  132. Alex says:

    The Chaser team presumably broadcast the photoshopped images of Mr Kenny engaged in bestiality in order to embarrass him and impugn his character. The fact that the audience probably would have understood that Chris Kenny doesn’t actually fuck animals does little to change this. If someone were to broadcast across the country doctored images of you engaged in immoral acts with animals or children, it doesn’t make it any less unjustifiable or unconscionable just because it might have been clear that they were joking. Also, look up the definition of satire because this wasn’t satire, even though the Chaser is often satirical and occasionally comedic. Finally, the specific ABC show that the bestiality image appears on appears largely irrelevant to my point.

  133. Mark Terrett says:

    I think the point is more that his children are far more embarrassed by what their father does and says than by a silly, satirical photoshopped image. I fail to see how that’s a shameful thing to say. Why should a father be allowed to use his platform to voice his opinion but not his son? Very strange response.

  134. Mel Campbell says:

    Yes, it has annoyed me that a lot of other Australian media commentators have linked to this op-ed as if refereeing a Kenny family argument or dynastic power struggle held in public. As others have noted above, children are perfectly entitled to disagree with their parents, and I think Liam’s main point – which, as I said above, is well argued – is that this photo is really just an excuse for conservative commentators to attack one of their favourite targets: the ABC.

    I’m also reminded of Julian Morrow’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture from 2009. In the context of the Chaser’s ‘Make A Realistic Wish’ sketch, Morrow describes the way that public outrage is mainly whipped up by a ‘secondary audience’ who would never have watched the original incident in context but are determined to find it offensive nonetheless.

  135. Manfred Ollie says:

    This is such a refreshing beautiful article. It gives me hope for the future. Fantastic

  136. EvilPundit says:

    Why are taxpayers being forced to fund this sort of rubbish?

  137. EvilPundit says:

    Or maybe it’s because with growing experience and wisdom, that what they believed in when they were young was wrong and foolish.

    If that ever happens to Liam, the memory of this article will make him cringe. Thank god my own youthful stupidities weren’t preserved on the Internet!

  138. Venus Envy says:

    What are you talking about? I don’t have a daughter. You are significantly lacking in reading comprehension skills. My personal history is not up for discussion here and it is intellectually disingenuous to try to compare two people who have completely different life situations. What IS up for discussion however, are your implications (and outright accusations) that Liam a) has never spoken privately with his father about these issues and that private discussions could resolve issues to everyone’s satisfaction; b) has no right to publicly challenge a public statement made by his father who is a public figure; and c) is personally responsible for humiliating his father despite the fact that Chris had chosen to attempt to make cheap political gain at the expense of his son’s own personal opinions. If his father didn’t want Liam commenting, why did Chris Kenny involve him at all? Surely Chris Kenny must know his own son well enough to ask before choosing to speak for him. Respect is a two way street.

  139. Venus Envy says:

    So because you made certain decisions with your life and how to relate/interact with your own father, then every young male has to make the same choices, otherwise they are morally bereft, immature and cowardly? I agree with Matt Roden – you aren’t the guardian of the moral sanctity of father/son relationships so stop telling others how to organise their families. Go take care of your own or go to church or something.

  140. Venus Envy says:


  141. James Cook says:

    But why should the show that it appears on be irrelevant? The ABC is in the business of public broadcasting, and I think you’d find that a good deal of the viewership of the Chaser would not be opposed to it. Your tax dollars may pay for it, but so what? The viewers of The Chaser who found this image funny and not inappropriate pay taxes too, a lot of them probably don’t get much use out of ABC Classic FM.
    Yes, this argument isn’t valid across the board, as I’m sure that there are some people who would be happy for pornography to be broadcast on the ABC. But the point is that this image is not explicit, it is not defamatory, it is not meant to be taken seriously, and it serves a purpose to the viewers of this show, who have as much right as you do to have their tax dollars pay for ABC programming that they will watch.

  142. Ian Parmenter says:

    A father who by all accounts is a liberal supporter, with a son attending university who seems to support the labour shock horror seems like normality to me.Sounds like he might be doing a arts degree. I live in Cairns and the Barrier Reef is going just fine, I would hope that Liam would refrain from portraying the state of the Barrier Reef without actually knowing of its actual state of health…………

  143. DrDen2 says:

    Lime Lite, given your expression here, your children, and perhaps your grandchildren (I have both) will either be automatons screwed by the system or will publicly disown you before turning off the life support or payments to the aged care institution of their choice, whichever comes first. Seriously, you’re an idiot (in the original sense: so self centred, you don’t know what you’re doing to others close to you). I’d ask when you stopped abusing your children, but others might misinterpret it.

  144. DrDen2 says:

    Well said Liam. I lke your father already. I still disagree with him. But I have many conservative friends (and relatives, including my father) with whom I enjoy, and I hope they too, many, many wordy, boozy disagreements with occasional name calling but no violence.

  145. DrDen2 says:

    No Alex. The show on which it appears is exactly the fulcrum of your non-point. If the program is satire and comedy and bought by but not dictated by the ABC, satire and comedy are legitimate answers by a third party to legitimate questions as well as illegitimate questions and they always have been: cf Swift or Shakespeare or Wilde or even Cicero. It matters not whether you think it was funny but whether someone (perhaps) could think it was funny – possibility is the stock in trade of both satire and comedy.

  146. Jordan Thompson says:

    @twostix12:disqus because they went to a “$30, 000 a year private school” they’re greedy? Not even sure what point you are trying to make..

  147. DrDen2 says:

    whyisitso, you obviously never, ever understood that phrase. You have no questions, only predetermined answers. Many, many sons vilify their fathers, most don’t have the guts to take it public. Mutual respect is never an option for a conservative because they believe they should be respected by all while at the same time despising everyone who disagrees with them.

  148. Danderson says:

    Major premise: Standards of decency exist independent of any individual’s perception of another.

    Minor premise: The author has attempted to justify an alleged breach of decency standards based on his perception of another.

    Conclusion: The author’s attempted justification of the breach is without merit.

  149. Danderson says:

    Remember not to exploit your blood relation with this evil conservative for your own benefit Liam, that would make you a sell out. Go it alone son.

  150. Simon Hunt says:

    Oh please. Just because the Murdoch press cropped the bestiality section out of their Labor-as-Nazis front page we’re meant to get upset about the Chaser?

  151. Simon Hunt says:

    Someone called “Lime Lite” is calling someone else a coward? Sounds like Morals Lite.

  152. Stephen Hicks says:

    The chaser and their backlog are probably one of the relatively few local ABC programs that pay their way in terms of dvd sales. The have also used their profile to provide a vague attempt to educate the public regarding basic economics in their checkout program. As such their contribution is worth far more than the ABC current affairs programs, which balance fabian nanny state drivel with pro business pap. The commercial channels are heavily subsidized though cheap em bandwidth and competition exemption.

  153. whyisitso says:

    Gerard, he had much more than a public disagreement with his father. Vilify is the correct term to use. Philip Ruddock’s daughter had a public disagreement with him, but didn’t sink anywhere as low as Liam has.

    I have as much personal stake in this as you because it’s in the public arena, so I’m as entitled to comment as much as you are.

    Civility is important in personal relationships, as you will discover as before you grow old enough to outlast your early teens.

  154. Barry says:

    Well, you don’t have to get upset. Personally, I prefer intelligent and robust debate opposed to this type of intellectually void mud-slinging, but then again apparently the Chasers are meant to be funny I guess. I don’t support the Labor-as-Nazis picture, but I am also not such a bigot to support this kind of behavior, simply because the person holds different political views to my own.

  155. geoff p. says:

    if you did something that made your own child feel they had to do this, you probably deserved it. it’s just the internet, surely family is more important?

    using your children as a debating tool proves you’re clueless anyway. what a fallacious argument. i think we have an LNP spy folks.

    by the way, i have a kid. congratulations, you brought me down to your level. can you please stop having children now? thanks.

  156. geoff p. says:

    that skit and this article are awesome. both are about more than just Chris Kenny and his dog fetish

  157. unsubscriber says:

    Superb. Well done – and a heartfelt thank you from all of us still in the reality-based community. :)

  158. Robert Williams says:

    This apple tree was on a hill. Mind you he would know better than any of us what the tree he fell from was like.

  159. Alex says:

    I’m not arguing that the ABC had no right to broadcast the image, or that the viewers didn’t find the image funny, or that the image shouldn’t have been broadcast because some taxpayers wouldn’t like it. Those are all irrelevant to my point.

    What I am arguing is that it was inappropriate for the ABC, a public broadcasting behemoth, to smear Chris Kenny by showing doctored images of him fucking a dog, after he asked perfectly legitimate questions about the nature of extent of the ABC’s funding arrangements. Therefore, not only are Chris Kenny’s grievances legitimate, but they run far deeper than the ‘think of the children’ strawman that his son has argued against in this article.

  160. Alex says:

    Firstly, you are yet to establish that showing the doctored bestiality images constituted satire. What exactly were they satirising? Secondly, you are taking quite a large leap by assuming that the Chaser team, which has broadcast a number of shows at the ABC over the years, does not represent the ABC or reflect its institutional culture on any level.

    More broadly, my point is not about whether the Chaser had the right to broadcast a doctored image of Chris Kenny fucking a dog. My point is that it was an inappropriate institutional response for a publicly funded behemoth that extracts $1B+ per year to use its immense reach to publicly demean and impugn a person for asking very legitimate questions that anyone in a democratic society should be able to ask. Their response is nothing less than intimidation under the weak guise of ‘satire’. They definitely had the right to broadcast the image, but whether they should have done so, and what their doing so says about the ABC and its institutional culture, is what is up for debate.

  161. Alex says:

    I don’t think that says anything for or against my point, but I will make a note of what you have written.

  162. ali says:

    Wow – Liam, I do hope you weren’t expecting that your father would leave you anything in his will…still, I have to agree with you he is a bit of a dickhead.

  163. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    That’s not what I meant at all. It was a commentary on how our perspectives change as we grow older and wise. But if you want to prefer the

    To the author: The only reason why this piece was published was because of who your father is. Not because of your merits, or (lack of) talent. I’m not sure which speaks more for your character; trading in on your name to steal publishing space from someone with something valuable to say – or to use that space to attack the man who granted you and many other oppurtunities.

    Frankly, stop chucking a tantrum because Daddy won’t pay for St John’s or because you want to show off your indie credentials to your art student mates. You repel me.

  164. Shayne Chester says:

    LOL, brilliant!

  165. Henny Penny says:

    Wonder what Rudd’s and Abbott’s children are bottling up. Go Liam.

  166. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    The Chaser’s best days are, unfortunately, very far behind them. This kind of stunt just shows that they’ve lost all pretense at subtlety or partiality – but I’ve known that for quite some time now. Personally I tuned out a long time ago.

  167. Anon says:

    I think his blog says it all. For the sake of humanity, let’s hope his kids do publicly denounce this bile. Apologies for the ‘Anon’ – but I don’t want to be harassed by a right wing fascist

  168. Hans Kohl says:

    How would you feel Liam if your father publicly shamed and embarrassed you on a public forum. Described you as stubborn, a bully, someone who spits on his opponents. Referred to you as this emotionally distant “Kenny” creature.

    You’re cheered on recklessly by supporters whose distaste for your father overwhelms their better judgement.

    Political disagreement is a drop in the ocean compared to the importance of the relationship you have with your father.

    If he disowned you as you have him I’d be equally as critical no matter the politics.

  169. Sam says:

    Hysterical! Your sense of humour is awesome.

  170. Ben Glasson says:

    Liam, you have spoken for millions. And boy, have you nailed it.

  171. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    Liam is clearly not an adult.

  172. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    Why does it need to play out in public then? There isn’t anything new, or informative in this article. It’s a diatribe against his father. It serves no other purpose than preaching to the choir.

  173. Lawrence Finn says:

    If and when my children can see me and who I am, what I stand for and what I believe in with the same clarity, regardless of ideological differences, I would/will be so proud of them, because I will know that for all my failings, I have helped bring into this world people who can think for themselves and who make value judgement about what they believe in.

    A wonderful article/defense and offence…

  174. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    What I want to know Liam, is why publish this? Why steal space from somebody who deserved this so much more than you?Who the fuck cares what you think? You’re a 19 year old USyd student – nobody in the real world gives a fuck about your hipster bullshit. What angers me is you cashed in on your name to steal oxygen. There are many promising writers out there who just need a break, and you stole that break from one of them so you could have a whine. At least your old man worked his way to his position, I’d spit on you if I saw you in public, fucking rich white teenagers.

    you’re a fucking wanker mate, a true oxygen thief.

  175. Andy Pickering says:

    It should be remembered that’s “liberal” *NOT* “Liberal” in the ALP sense! :-)

    P.S. I’m 50 and *still* not a Conservative… #latedeveloper

  176. Dean McInerney says:

    Mmm if you were a complete prick then you would deserve it. If chris was my father I would wipe him from my life…

  177. Dean McInerney says:

    Yep I must admit, if you are an Andrew Bolt loving Liberal stooge I definately think you are an inferior sort; a scum sucking amoeba… Cant help it… its a core part of my nature. Glad to know family ties are not so strong as to make a person ignore their principles. I hope Chris Kenny does read this… he deserves the displeasure.

  178. Dean McInerney says:

    You are a bore, and quite incapable of seeing the facts… Liam does not like what his father does in the public arena. We do not ask for Chris Kenny’s opinions but we get them all the same. Chris is someone who is not an expert on anything of substance, like yourself, he is just someone stuck in his own blinkered agenda.And If you blurt a whole load of nonsense in public you deserve what you get… Do you understand that idea or does it roll off your back?

  179. James Huber says:

    If my son/daughter wrote this about me I would feel deeply confused that they thought I was an anti-worker, anti-progress neo-conservative. Unless I had somehow actually become that. In which case I hope that I’d still have enough humanity to be deeply ashamed of myself for being such a horrible person that my own son was willing to call me out on it in print.

  180. Cesar Rodrigues says:

    Sad? Get over it. A guy sharing an opinion is bringing you down? You should step out of the trailer more and get some Vitamin D.

  181. Cesar Rodrigues says:

    You’re assuming a certain amount here (undisclosed hatred) so allow me the same luxury. You are clearly frustrated at the opinion and not the fact that it is written by the guys son. I’m glad for Liam he doesn’t have an imbecilic dad like you…

  182. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    “Many, many sons vilify their fathers, most don’t have the guts to take it public.”

    Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, or traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation. Most jurisdictions allow legal action to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.

    If you use a word, ensure you actually know what it means first. Vilification requires publicity. Also I’ll leave it up to your imagination to insert a comment here strongly implying you are of substandard intelligence.

  183. Katie says:

    Brilliant Liam! So well argued. I wonder what you study.

  184. liam kenny says:

    i love you rohan, can i kiss you between the legs

  185. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    Sorry, I don’t normally lose my temper. Just this ingratiating smug … oh there I go again.

  186. Venus Envy says:

    His father brought it in to the public arena by suggesting that his children would be upset at finding the image. Liam then used the public arena to correct that assumption. Why should Liam be abused for correcting the assumption already brought in to the public arena by his father? If you take that position, you must first correct his father about ignorantly using a false assumption about his son in a cheap political manoeuvre. I don’t see anyone at all insisting that respect goes both ways and Chris Kenny should not have involved his children (especially adult children) at all without even bothering to consult them. Or do we, as parents, have some sort of license to use our children as we see fit?

  187. Lisa McLeod says:

    So brave , so articulate , so true . Liam Kenny for prime minister .

  188. Brian Mitchell says:


  189. Eddie says:

    Bless you man

  190. jamesprovendor says:

    sorry, where does Liam note how old he is? How terribly ageist to suggest that his actions are defined by his shoe size – he can clearly write and communicate effectively, isn’t that enough to consider his position as valid?

    I’m sure people are already treating you badly because you are aging, getting more and more jaded as gravity ravages your body, but I hope you don’t suffer the same degree of cross generational disdain.

    ps: you probably will though, old people are gross.

  191. Chris Kenny may be wise politically, but he sure sucks as a parent. How could he raise such a back stabbing, disloyal swine as Liam? Obviously he used no discipline on the runt for a start.

  192. If your kids read that stupid post they will no doubt piss all over you on national TV.

  193. Ben says:

    You seem to argue that most issues raised by other people are irrelevant to your point, indicating a fixation on a single point of the entire argument that Liam has conveyed. Sure Chris Kenny is entirely entitled to question the ABC’s funding and provide his opinion on the matter, but that doesn’t mean the ABC is forbidden to express their opinion of him in the same respect.

    To say that Chris Kenny was dealt a harsh blow by being depicted as someone who engages in bestiality might be fair, but Liam aims to draw out the parallels in Chris Kenny’s behaviour towards minorities or other issues in Australian community. Where was your argument against the exact same type of behaviour when it was Chris Kenny vs “Gender Wars” or Chris Kenny vs. “Climate change”?

    To say it’s unfair that a perpetual, stubborn bully has received a taste of his own medicine for once is ridiculous, and while it just so happens that the commentary came from somewhere within the ABC organisation, should losing funding because a group of 5 men cracked a funny be justified? By that argument, where is the accountability in Chris Kenny’s behaviour?

    Seems like he can dish it out but can’t take it

  194. Charlotte says:

    to say the chaser represents the whole ABC is pretty much saying the bolt report represents the whole of channel 10 and Big Brother represents the whole of channel nine and soft-core porn to the SBS …. it’s one show among many. if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. but dont complain about having to pay taxes for it, because frankly it’s the best channel on TV and it’s never going to be defunded

  195. Sara says:

    its like that time.

  196. Partial Observer says:

    ‘My dad is right wing, so he can take it. Anyway the poorly photoshopped image isn’t that offensive anyway, not compared with his political views ” is nicely argued? No, this is a very well written opinion piece, not an argument. I agree I did not find the image that offensive and that the majority if not all of the Chaser audience didn’t either but that isn’t the issue.

    The issue is that the Chris took offense at being linked to bestiality. While the Chaser took care to ensure the image was poor enough that you would never think he actually did it but where do you draw the line? If the image was well photoshopped? If it was you or your mother? What if it wasn’t bestiality, if it was into a scene of war or slaughter?

    You may say “but they didn’t do those” and you are right and that’s why it was allowed to be aired. Chris didn’t say Liam would find googling this offensive, he said – if he googled my name, he will find this filth. Did you ever think it would be Chris who would be embarrassed for his son to see it?

    If you’ve read this far, I’ll leave you with this to think on: This wasn’t Chris’s choice. He didn’t get to veto what he was being photoshopped on or object to being tied to bestiality. Mel what if a right wing comedy show made a picture of you putting holes in asylum seeker boats and played on national TV. You would know it wasn’t real, the viewers would know and your friends would know, but now its out there and it can be taken out of context. You don’t get to choose how well it was photoshopped or the explanation behind it and now it exists.

    Liam saying this didn’t offend him is fine but the issue really always was that it offended his Dad. Even if Liam was offended the real issue was the affect on their relationship.

  197. Sara says:

    tommy tudehope andrew bolt.

  198. lucyjunior says:

    There is hope yet! Great reply Liam.

  199. BillPosters says:

    Well said Venus.

    Awesome article (if gneuine). Even if not genuine… awesome article!

  200. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    I have a daughter and if I had been that much of an asshole I wouldn’t mind if she called me out on it in public. In saying that she will be brought up to respect everyone unlike Kenny!

  201. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    Think about what you just wrote…It’s not a false statement and it’s not groundless criticism! It is how he feels about his father so not defamation or vilification.

  202. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    I care! I care about being able to say what we feel…you know freedom.If you don’t like it then don’t read it. Oh and how is it even possible to waste space on the internet?

  203. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    It’s only his opinion based on what his father said about him googling it. He is not saying you have to agree with his feelings about the picture.

  204. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    People already had that opinion…

  205. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    You are clearly a dick!

  206. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    What do their names have to do with it? You won’t even show yours…

  207. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    He already said they had previously and since talked about it. Get over it!

  208. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    So your comment is just to earn brownie points with your right friends? It’s his opinion and he has every right to say it! His father’s image was already tarnished and if you don’t like what he wrote then ignore it! It’s not up to you to tell a grown man how to think! Get a life!

  209. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    What’s your name?

  210. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    You sure suck at being a decent human being!

  211. Mike Shackleton says:

    I’m yet to establish if you actually saw the image in context Alex! Basically it was a comedic use of a poorly photoshopped image to suggest that The Chaser had “dirt” on Chris Kenny that they would expose if he threatened ABC funding. A cursory glance of the ludicrous image was immediately prove that they in fact, do not.

  212. missyagain says:

    it breaches the classic principle of mautre and respectful debate – to play the ball and not the man; never more so than when that man if your father. disagree politically – even publicly – by all means, but the standard of all public debate is lowered when we mock people with bestiality images because we don’t like their views. Would have though more of liam had he taken the chaser to task for this first, and then stated his dissent because it would show he is man enough not to descend into applauding the degredation of another human being – irrespective of how justified you may think it is. earn my respect first liam, then I might take your opinion seriously.

  213. viviennekingswood says:

    OK – it wasn’t satire, it was just comedy. It was a joke, if it’s not to your taste, that’s fine but you can’t police comedy (See Louis CK discussing rape jokes). And as far as your issue with ABC funding these guys goes, I’m not thrilled that David Morrow still has a job after his racist joke but I can accept it – and he gets a much bigger slice of that $1B+ pie you keep rabbiting on about.

  214. viviennekingswood says:

    ‘Convention’ being the unquestioning, unwavering, complete conformity with your parents political/idealogical position – regardless of your own individual thoughts as an autonomous human being? Parents don’t own their children.

  215. viviennekingswood says:

    “Liam – you are a bad son because you disagree with your father’s politics! Shame on you for laughing off this joke instead of climbing up on top of that high horse where you can look down your nose at all the small people beneath! You are the spawn of a dog-fucker who never fucked a dog but, rather was the butt of a crass joke made by a bunch of comedians! Shame on you! I’ve forgotten what I was mad about”

  216. Alex says:

    That little ‘meta’ embellishment makes it so much better lol. I think we seem to have different views on this.

  217. LJ1969 says:

    You’re kidding, right?

  218. eri19 says:

    Whoa, this Rohan guy sounds mad. Pretty sure attempting to belittle people for going to university or being under 30 can only stem from some very unresolved personal issues. Calm down :)

  219. Alex says:

    I’m not complaining about having to pay taxes to the ABC per se. My point is that there’s nothing wrong with having a discussion about what function the ABC should serve and how much funding is necessary to achieve those ends. You also seem to be using defund in a different context – I’m not suggesting it should be privatised, but possibly not funded to the extent that it currently is. How taxpayer funds are spent is a legitimate topic of conversation, and shouldn’t result in (joking, meta haha) photoshopped bestiality images being broadcast by the ABC in response.

  220. Alex says:

    You’re right that I focused on one main point, but that point happens to be the reason for Liam writing ‘in defence of the Chaser’s picture of [his] dad having sex with dog’ (as per the title).

    I didn’t argue that the points others made in response to Liam’s point were irrelevant (although a lot of them are just so you know), I argued that a lot of the rebuttals to my comment about Liam’s article were irrelevant to my point. Quite a few seem to be arguing against things that I never said, or arguing for or against things that have no bearing on the strength of my argument. If that’s the case, then why can’t they just reply generally to the article rather than my comment?

    To address the rest of your points: the ABC is perfectly entitled to express its opinion of Kenny. But, when it does do that, we as viewers and taxpayers, are perfectly entitled to judge the ABC for doing so, question the appropriateness of doing so, and ask about the institutional culture at the ABC that led it to do so.

    Next, I’d say that the parallels you say Liam Kenny tries to draw, aren’t actually that parallel. Liam himself recognises this, when he tries to underplay (while implicitly realising that he can’t ignore the fact that) ‘tax-payers fund the ABC’. Chris Kenny can get into whichever squabbles he wishes, but he ultimately is not accountable to anyone. Worst case scenario is that his reputation suffers, no one reads his columns or watches his segments.

    The ABC as a public institution is different. It is funded by everyone, and is meant to serve everyone, and is accountable to everyone. It would be perfectly fine for ABC presenters to respond to Chris Kenny on practically any political issue, addressing what he said. But in this case it didn’t do that. Instead, it used its market power and influence to smear/demean a taxpayer and citizen who was asking a legitimate question. It didn’t even address what he said. Put in other words, it acted as a stakeholder aggressively and unethically defending its turf.

    Lastly, I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the ABC should lose funding *because* of what the Chaser did. Its funding arrangements are a legitimate but separate issue. Rather, I (and probably others) are arguing that what the ABC did was inappropriate. But because the hipster, sah-indie people who read Junkee naturally dislike Chris Kenny’s political views, they are willing to defend the ABC’s indefensible conduct while lauding a rhetorically amusing but poorly argued article written by his son. Their comments so clearly fail the ‘shoe on the other foot’ test that it’s not even funny.

  221. Alex says:

    I’m not sure you understand my point. I’m not arguing against the ABC’s funding or that we should police comedy. I am questioning the appropriateness of its institutional response to legitimate political questions.

    Its funding is a legitimate topic of debate. As an institution with a vested interest in maintaining its current funding levels, it was inappropriate for the public broadcaster to attempt to demean and intimidate Chris Kenny for asking questions that should be perfectly legitimate in a democratic society. If the ABC is to enter into that debate about its funding, it should do so by seeking to justify its current funding level, as opposed to, say, broadcasting doctored images of one of its critics fucking a dog.

  222. small l says:

    ah, conservatism – where going against science and humanity is to be applauded, no matter the damage it does.

  223. Sharon Hutchings says:

    Gone are the days when children blindly unquestionably followed their parents beliefs and political leanings ….. HOOOORAY!!!

    PS. I love my parents but disagree with many of their beliefs and choices.

  224. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    Not a single thing you said in your post has a basis in fact., if taken literally. Of course, yet another ad hominem. Try harder guy.

  225. Speaking of sucking, have you seen your surname?

  226. Guest says:

    It’s going to be an awkward Christmas at the Kenny family this year…

  227. Tony Johansson says:

    Just found an interesting example of conservative censorship from a supposed champion of Freedom of Speech. On Andrew Bolt’s blog there was, of course, a serious of posts about the Chaser calling Chris Kenny a “dogf**ker” and photoshopping him committing bestiality.

    In this post was a comment from an R.B. of Perth who posted what Liam Kenny had written, pretty much verbatim, as far as I can tell. The comment went up and I certainly read it in it’s full glory yesterday hence why I knew Liam had chosen to post his piece on Junkee. This morning when I went back to the post and checked the comments I found that almost all the post had been cut and replaced with this:


    I wonder who wrote this? As far as I know, when you post a comment to Bolt’s blog you cannot edit it so I doubt that it was the original poster. Was it the moderator? If so why was the comment posted in full in the first place? Was it Mr Bolt?

    The weird thing is I have no memory of R.B. of Perth gloating. It really was just posting what Liam had written pointing out that not everyone, including one of Chris Kenny’s children, agrees with Mr Bolt’s anti-ABC outrage. In other words, an alternate opinion on the issue.

    So Liam, because you are Chris Kenny’s son, everything you write on this issue is framed and dismissed as a “family tension” and anyone that passes on your writing is guilty of “seriously trashy behaviour” and will be censored, at least according to Mr Bolt or his staff.

  228. viviennekingswood says:

    What legitimate political questioning are you referring to exactly? And you followed a sentence that said you’re not arguing against the ABC’s funding with a paragraph about how we should be discussing the kinds of things the ABC funds…

  229. viviennekingswood says:

    In short – it sounds to me as though you think it’s perfectly fine for Chris Kenny to say what he likes about whomever he likes – even though he says seriously damaging, insulting things and means it, because he’s employed in a private sector. However, the Chaser guys can’t make a joke that you don’t like, because their show is on the ABC and gets government funding and the ABC should be scared of broadcasting topical content because if they piss people off, they might lose their funding? Are you sure you want the government to micro-manage the ABC’s media content by threatening to reduce funding levels if they don’t comply? Personally I prefer less government involved in controlling media and a little more freedom of press/speech, you know, NOT China. I also think it’s important to have some media that doesn’t have commercial obligations and interests.

  230. Alex says:

    There’s nothing wrong with asking what functions the ABC should serve and whether its current allocation is sufficient or excessive in allowing it to do this. We can go through that line of enquiry, and then either conclude that the ABC needs more money to achieve what we want it to, its current allocation is sufficient, or that it is overfunded. When Chris Kenny posed that question, the ABC tried to smear him. A lot of people on this forum are mindlessly defending the ABC’s bestiality broadcast because they don’t like Chris Kenny’s political views, or because they feel threatened by calls for greater ABC accountability. Neither of those are relevant considerations in my view.

  231. viviennekingswood says:

    They’re not defending ‘the ABC’s bestiality broadcast’ or however you wish to inflate this, they are defending the Chaser’s right to make jokes and the ABC’s right to the government funding it gets – in short, they understand that the ABC is a lot bigger than 1 joke on an 8 wk show that happens once every four years… cause you know… perspective.

  232. Alex says:

    Let me clarify. Yes Chris Kenny can do whatever he likes, if he is willing to suffer the reputational consequences of doing so. The problem isn’t that I didn’t like the Chaser joke, it’s that the ABC is a public institution accountable to taxpayers and citizens, and it was an inappropriate response for the ABC to use its market power in an attempt to defend its turf by smearing one of its critics as someone who fucks animals. If it wanted to aggressively respond to the substance of what he said, fine, but it didn’t do that. I’m saying that it was inappropriate for the ABC to do what it did, not that it shouldn’t be allowed to do what it did.

    I never said anything about the ABC not being able to broadcast topical content, nor did I say that the ABC should lose funding *because* of what the Chaser did. I didn’t say that I want the Government to micromanage the ABC (although the ABC does have a Charter and codes of conduct and stuff which if you think about it kind of makes Australia like China).

  233. Alex says:

    Let me reframe this issue for you in a way that might explain why people like me are reacting so strongly to this incident. Imagine that the evil right wing organisation News Corp was actually a fully taxpayer funded public broadcaster. That means it compulsorily extracts funds from the public to the tune of $1B a year in order to broadcast its evil neoliberal agenda. Just say some cool, indie, leftie dilettante like Clementine Ford decided to ask ‘hey, should we as taxpayers be funding News Corp to the extent that we do? i know people like to support News Corp in the abstract sense, but do they actually know how much money it gets, and are they comfortable with that?’ After she says that, News Corp decides to smear her by using its immense reach to broadcast images of Clementine Ford fucking animals. Would that be an appropriate response to citizen and taxpayer Clementine Ford’s questions? Or should we say freedom of speech, because News Corp has the power to do what it wants that it should do whatever it wants, and that because people support News Corp in the abstract they are therefore comfortable with how much money it currently gets even though 99% of people have no idea how much money it currently gets.

  234. Bela Somssich says:

    Great article Liam! If you were my son I would be proud of you even if you disagreed with my views.

  235. viviennekingswood says:

    So, really, all your rambling posts have just been a very long-winded way of saying you don’t like the ABC because you think it has a liberal bias, and you don’t think it should broadcast content that makes political comments because it is funded by tax payers. Generally speaking, the ABC invests quite a lot of cash into youth programming, which is more liberal by nature because younger people, unfortunately for you it would seem – tend to be more liberal, and vote that way. So here you are, on an indie news website run by young people with a liberal bias, complaining about a post written by a young person who felt the need to set the record straight about his personal opinion with regards to an episode of a tv show aimed at youth, that made a crass joke that upset a conservative pundit. What a waste of time and energy.

  236. Alex says:

    That’s the wrong message to take away from my scenario, and the wrong intention to ascribe to my other posts that didn’t say anything like that. You are either incredibly disingenuous or you can’t read properly.

    My point is that the public broadcaster’s behaviour in both scenarios was inappropriate, and it should be deemed inappropriate irrespective of one’s political views. It’s called a ‘shoe on the other foot’ test. By using a tongue-in-cheek, exaggerated scenario where the bestiality broadcaster was a figure that the readers of this esteemed website are not inclined to like, I was trying to separate the readers’ admiration for the ABC and their distaste for Chris Kenny from the question at hand: were the ABC’s actions appropriate?

  237. Bluismycat says:

    So what you are saying Vivienne is that you would not care if Chaser put a picture of you on the air being fucked by a dog!
    I did not like the picture of this Kenny guy AND I would not like it of you. I know neither of you. That is the whole point. It is crass and disgusting! It’s not funny at all!

  238. eri19 says:

    Your anger at young people, uni students, arts students and so called ‘hipsters’ just for being what they are is more obvious than not, and doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

  239. eri19 says:

    Unless it’s just you trying to seem better or more intelligent than any of the people you attempt to put down, which just makes you look like a dick.

  240. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    You should’ve tried a new angle. Given that Liam refers to his dad as a “…staunchly neo-conservative, anti-progress, anti-worker defender of the status quo. ” applying stereotypes, where applicable is totally fair game. Given that Liam’s already set the precedent for name-calling (if not outright slander) to avoid the issue, why not let the ad hominems abound! After all he’s not trying to make a point about publicly funded slander to improve ailing ratings, he’s just saying “well that’s okay, because I think my dad’s a dick” (albeit at the expense of another writer) which isn’t a defence at all.

    It’d be okay if Liam had something important to say, to at least vindicate his shameless cash-in – good writers need to get ahead. There was nothing of the sort, just the mindless vitriol of a child.

  241. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:


  242. nilk says:

    I’ve known twostix for years and I’m happy to vouch for him.

  243. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    Call ’em how I see em’…

  244. nilk says:

    Alex, thank you for your reasoned responses. I’m not saying this to be sarcastic – I just salute you for continuing with logic in the face of such obtuseness.

    A lot of these commenters don’t seem to understand that if the ABC is being funded by everyone (ie taxpayers) and is supposed to be for everyone then its programming and content should take into consideration everyone.

    As it stands, I rarely watch television at all precisely because of content such as the Chaser adults, so I’m certainly not getting value for money there.

    Where are the shows that cater for my viewing preferences?

    As for Liam’s spray about his father, it shows that Liam is very much a child of his time, with “child” being the operative word.

  245. Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt says:

    Yeah nice comeback because I so have control of what my parents surnames are. You are a tool and not a useful one!

  246. nilk says:

    His name is twostix.

  247. Alex says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I think the question of who the ABC should cater for is a separate issue, along with what the optimum level of ABC funding should be.

    This issue is ultimately one of abuse of power, which should concern people irrespective of their political leanings.

  248. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    So you’re like “I don’t agree with that guy so I’ll call him a dick, can’t say why I disagree, just do”

    How ever will I sleep at night?

  249. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    Sigh…..again? FAKE QUOTE ALERT!!!

    These quotes make for good story-telling but popular myth has falsely attributed them to Churchill.

    “Conservative by the time you’re 35”

    you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a
    conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.” There is no
    record of anyone hearing Churchill say this. Paul Addison of Edinburgh
    University makes this comment: “Surely Churchill can’t have used the
    words attributed to him. He’d been a Conservative at 15 and a Liberal at
    35! And would he have talked so disrespectfully of Clemmie, who is
    generally thought to have been a lifelong Liberal?”

  250. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    As somebody who dislikes fake quotes, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Nevertheless the sentiment itself still stands.

  251. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    I wasn’t implying whether the author(Liam) is committing slander – but that that the statement which I was replying to wasn’t correct. I wasn’t aware that sons slandering their fathers in the legal sense was at all that common.. Liam is expressing opinion.

    But the chaser piece could very much be considered defamation of character.. I personally think that kind of satire doesn’t really belong on television at all. It crass and tasteless, and it’s using the likeness of someone else in a pretty unflattering context. I think individuals should have freedom of speech, but I think different standards should apply to a public broadcaster.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t communicate that effectively the first time around. Insomnia etc etc

  252. Mic Hays says:

    With a son like you, who needs enemies?

  253. Ian says:

    The world needs more free thinkers.
    That way we can avoid more young people voting for the likes of Abbott, just because “..well, ya know, I don’t really agree with their policies but… my family has always voted Liberal, ya know….”

  254. You just admitted your surname sucks.

  255. Does your daughter have your awful surname?

  256. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    1. Editors cannot publish a unlimited amount of content on their website, as they have to’ y’know edit, and make sure that their content is in line with their standards. This is exactly how it’s taken from another writer. Let’s break it down:

    There are two writers and one space.

    If you take away the space and a writer, what are you left with?

    Two, minus one equals what deary?

    It’s really obvious that you are trying so desperately hard to disagree. Most people usually have a point of disagreement first, and then elucidate it. You just seems to grasping at anything, which is really sad, because fabricating a reason to disagree with someone is something human beings do really well.

  257. Neil says:

    Alex, you don’t understand satire. It would take too much space to try and educate you about it in comments. For further reading, I heartily recommend Seriously Funny by Howard Jacobson. In short, to quote Robert Graves, “The purpose of satire is to destroy whatever is overblown, faded and dull, and clear the soil for new sowing.”

    Kenny was harping on the same old Conservative strain of defunding the ABC. The Chaser sought to skewer him. It is the blessing of satire that this be done with words and not with violence. This is why satire is a mark of civilisation and why, yes, even a doctored image of bestiality, is sophisticated.

  258. PuffyTheMagicDragon says:

    That is very well written, and pins the tail right on the donkey.

  259. Dean Learner says:

    Grow up

  260. Dean Learner says:

    On the top bunk if you’re lucky!

  261. Rohan Kirkpatrick says:

    You do realise this post is 3 months old? Were you so pressed to give me such a stunning reply after this topic died?

    Learn to use the Internet, dumbass.

  262. Tom Broadhurst says:

    I’m sure in the quiet inner sanctum of your own mind you actually live in a constant state of fear of your own thoughts. The neo-conservatives of this world, you poor little insecure cherubs, haven’t even got the guts to use your real name here..says volumes about the sad little character that you are. Enjoy that inner sanctum of fear. You’ll never privatize the ABC, no matter how much you fear independent and unbiased thought. Good luck controlling the independent thoughts of your own kids…we all know how that goes.

  263. Baz says:

    An easy way to stop that is not to be the kind of person that your son/daughter might feel motivated to write this kind of thing about you.

  264. Baz says:

    Isn’t it obvious?

    He f*cks dogs.

  265. Baz says:

    Chris Kenny has a right to be offended.

    However being offended doesn’t give Chris Kenny special rights to shut down whatever is offending him.

    And if you want those sort of laws, be careful… we all might find everything being shut down by the easily offended.

  266. Baz says:

    Perhaps they were satirizing right wing “journalism” that in the lead up to the election showed our then prime minister depicted as a Nazi.

    Bet you didn’t start complaining then though.

  267. Baz says:

    Sure – but given the relative sums involved, why aren’t we seeing more of a discussion on how us taxpayers are subsidising mining companies, oil companies and of course property investment.

    Cause I mean that is taking far more of our tax dollars than our national broadcaster and, unlike our national broadcaster, provides nothing of value to the tax payers.

  268. Baz says:

    But Chris Kenny isn’t asking questions honestly and sincerely in a context free vacuum – it’s in the context of working for people that want ALL public broadcasters dismantled for ideological reasons and yet want to be able to run with depicting their political opponents as Nazis.

    Being depicted as a Nazi is far more offensive than being depicted fucking a dog. Don’t agree? Put down the poodle and go get some help.

  269. Baz says:

    Well perhaps you can pass laws regulating appropriate forms of humor that you don’t find challenging or not to your tastes.

    All we need is little devices implanted in the brain so that we register for thought crimes such as finding non-approved jokes funny and we’re all set!

  270. Baz says:

    You draw some holy distinction though between tax payer funding and private funding – as if that made it any better for an alleged journalistic outfit to depict politicians that they’d clearly made a stand against as Nazi’s or to directly implore people to ‘Kick this mob out!’.

    Further this was done in a way that no reasonable person could credibly have believed the assertion to be true. Chris Kenny could have responded with something as simple as ‘Hey mate, just ’cause I threw your mum a pity-f*ck doesn’t mean you should broadcast footage of it!’ if he’d had a sense of humor rather than trying to launch a crusade against the entirety of the national broadcaster.

    Finally if it doesn’t worry you on the nature and extent of the way that the right wing are going after all percieved opponents… please take a look for a moment without the partisan goggles on, tell me what you’d really think if people were trying to shut down all journalism that didn’t utterly support their brand of propaganda, if ex-prime minister were investigated in partisan inquiries, if increasing amounts of the support base of your party were suddenly decided to need a royal commission… you might start to feel that people are deliberately trying to shut out all voices but their own and that, whatever their motivations, that can be neither healthy nor acceptable in a democratic country.

  271. Baz says:

    So put the shoe on the other foot – if all the right wing cheer squad was being shut down, let’s say due to the fact that huge chunks of it have ended up in limited and unaccountable hands and that they’ve clearly over stepped the boundaries of journalism (depicting political figures as Nazis) then I’m guessing you’d be defending it. The fact that the right wing didn’t speak out on this matter proves it, they instead defended free speech… provided it was free speech that they agreed with the content of.

    This on the other hand is clearly trying to find any point of contention and use it to justify what has already been decided on ideological grounds.

  272. wideEyedPupil says:

    I only went to Bolts blog once and it was after I came across him accusing the ABC of some grevious wrong which I had happened to notice Ten News immediately before his show had also done. It was the way that both stations’ news desks had described Anders Behring Breivik (2011 Norway massacre) as an extreme right Christian. Apparently to Bolt that was the height of leftist propaganda, only problem was his own station and many others also had used the same description (unfolding news is often copy cat like that). So I made a comment to this effect and of course it was removed within hours.

  273. wideEyedPupil says:

    HOw old are you?

  274. wideEyedPupil says:

    So it’s okay for Kenny to be revolting in public but his own son cannot call him out on it in public. Right.

  275. wideEyedPupil says:

    Are you serious? GBR 50% depleted already and fading fast. Marine scientists called it at least five years ago.

  276. Leave your mother out of this, mutt.

  277. Old enough to return Ad Hom fire at trolls. How old are you, shit-fer-brains?

  278. You can feel no shame, because you’re a mother fucker. Mother fuckers have no shame.

  279. Baz says:

    I did mate, it was your mum we were talking about.

    Still I’m not surprised you have trouble discerning that in writing, all that donkey semen you take to the face while you’re busy guzzling the stuff down like a kitten going at a cow’s teat must have given you some pretty bad pink eye.

  280. wideEyedPupil says:

    Troll? You did say troll didn’t you? PKB Classic.

  281. Obviously Baz is another victim of incest. His parents have a lot to answer for.

  282. Malcolm Turncoat says:

    Jeez what a nightmare of an old man, makes you grateful for what you got

  283. David Somerfield says:

    Dear Non-de-plume (as you won’t reveal yourself) You really are in some mental difficulty it seems. No problem just pop a magadon and have a good lie down…reading a Murdoch paper no doubt….

  284. David Somerfield says:

    From my observations of Kenny over the years he will never feel shame for any of his action or statements…and that is a measure of his sad little existence. Men like him sit in their ivory (murdochratic) Towers trying to convince themselves that they are important in some way. Thankfully in this case his own son has called him out and done it publicly. Liam Kenny obviously has grown up to become a man of independent mind and has a decency not reflected in his father. He deserves a medal.

  285. David Somerfield says:

    Any you are obviously a very sad little person with a nasty attitude.

  286. No, I’m incredibly happy, have a great attitude, and love life. Hey, don’t sweat it. The world is full of mother fuckers.

  287. Anjam says:

    Perhaps the child does not want to be tarred with the same brush as his father. He has a right to make his opinion public just as Dad does. Free speech remember, Brandis’baby.

  288. ozgipsy says:

    Thats rude, disrespectful and shameful to turn on your father in such a public fashion. As your years proceed you will live to regret these words and the power they give to those who would attack and vilify your father.

  289. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    stay lame

  290. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    i would never put him on a pedestal with dog f*ckers

  291. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    Except that is total horseshit, go look it up keyboard warrior. He never said any such thing and his best friend was a progressive. Get a clue and drop the phony quotes.

  292. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    like your fake quote. you can’t even google u knob.

  293. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    who wants that blood stained evil money sucked from his vampire master Murdoch!

  294. [email protected] [email protected] says:

    you’re a failure at even being a troll. fall off a short cliff asap.

  295. If I was locked in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and you, and had a gun with only two bullets, I’d shoot you twice.